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The total capitalization of the crypto-currency market today amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. Against the backdrop of this growth, projects are emerging, thanks to which we can online track the dynamics of the exchange rate of a particular currency. The vital aspects of the development of the economy are the crypto-currency problems of the integration of lock-ups for the safe storage of information and the use of technological advances (AI and VR). Every month new projects are emerging on the market, which are trying to solve these and many other issues. However, if we talk about the transition to a new level of the development of the critical world, then, of course, an important step will be the creation of a decentralized banking sector.

The essence of the project

The idea of ​​the project provides for the crypto-integration of a dozen well-known banking organizations. These banks are currently active in the US, Japan, Canada, India, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Turkey, Britain and Australia.
To do this, the bank’s creators need to solve a number of tasks:
– the market launch of the Wibcoin coin, based on the Ethereum platform;
– unification of the set of acting banking structures for introduction of modern technologies into the currency and banking system;
– development of applications for mobile devices with convenient functionality. As stated by the project representatives, the system will work with at least PayPal, ApplePay, PayTM;
– issue of Mastercard and VISA cards with crypto currency support, and other technologies.

Project Capabilities

Within the framework of the project there will be available: leasing, customer loyalty program with cashback, the crypt exchange will be launched. In the system users will be able to conduct online currency exchange operations. But, of course, this does not end the functional of the project, the platform will include the full functionality of a full-fledged bank.


A total of WBBC tokens are scheduled in the system. The project is released on the Ethereum platform. One coin during sales will cost 0.0037 ETH, the sale will be over the airs. The lower limit of fees is fabulous 250 million euros, the hard cap is absolutely sky-high – 500 million euros! The project is registered in Estonia and is not banned anywhere.

Pre-sale. The stage was successfully held from April 27 to June 27.
ICO. The main sales will take place from September 1 to December 31.

Bonus program

Depending on the amount invested, you have a chance to get a 10% bonus (when buying from 100 to 500 tokens) to 25% (when buying from 5 thousand to 10 thousand tokens).

How will the collected funds be distributed?

– 75% of the funds will go to purchase banks;
– 5% of salaries to employees;
– 10% further product development;
– 10% will go to marketing.


The site lists 11 key team members. However, it is much larger – more than 50 specialists in the field of blockade technology, information technology, crypto-currencies, payment processing, banking operations, economics and financial services are working on the creation of the platform. Also on the site are 6 influential advisors and 9 experienced experts participating in the development of the project.

Social networks

For today, on August 20, the project has not yet managed to gather around itself the proper level of the popularity, however, is actively working on it. In the Telegram – 2459 users, Twitter – 2600, Facebook – 3915, Medium – 432, Youtube – 277. The level of karma Reddit – 46. There is some activity in Github.


For participation in campaigns, the project will generously reward bounties – 5% of the total number of coins will be used for support programs. Distribution of funds:
– 40% (up to 20 million coins) will spend on signatures in Bitcointalk;
– 20% (10 000 000 WBB) content campaigns;
– 15% (7.5 million WBB) allocated to Facebook;
– 5% (2.5 million WBB) Medium pool;
– 15% (7.5 million WBB) pool Twitter;
– 5% (2.5 million WBB) allocated to Reddit.


In 2016, the project was created by Vitsolutions, LLC, specifically to develop applications for mobile devices, especially in the field of finance. Work began on the creation of the World Bank. An important date for the project can be considered December 26 last year – agreements were signed on the purchase of banks in Europe. Within 4 months after that a lot of important meetings with investors were held, the project was presented to various venture funds. Further, from April 27 to June 27, preliminary sales were carried out, during which 25 million euros were collected – a sufficient amount for the purchase of the bank. For the third quarter, the project plans – the completion of the process of buying a bank, developing and maintaining software, preparing for the ICO. The main sales of the token will take place in the 4th quarter. The purpose of these fees is to raise funds for the purchase of another 9 banks. The purchase process will be completed in 2019. after the successful completion of the crowdsale.


On the side of the project is the successful holding of preliminary sales, quality training and a good idea. It is worth noting that this project is focused primarily on the business, as well as individuals seeking to legalize their assets in the crypto currency. However, World Bit Bank is a real bank, so it will be difficult to overestimate the scope of opportunities for ordinary users.




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