benefits from Decentralized, Green Energy

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When we talk about and their Bitcoin mining operation in the Netherlands, the immediate thought is the vast amount of energy that mining consumes.Crypto-mining with renewable energy; the solution for Blockchain’s carbon footprint

In fact, Securix has based their mining operation in a 146-year-old sugar processing factory for that very reason. Covering over 10,5000 square meters the facility can accommodate up to 24,000 units capable of generating more than BTC 24.5 a day. With extra thick walls and a power infrastructure that suits their mining needs the facility is equipped to store thermal heat in a manner that allows Securix carbon footprint to remain as neutral as possible.

Securix has partnered with EXE Energy utilizing Decentralized Energy with its new EAN-2_EAN decentralized energy trading platform. Funded by a publicly traded energy company and developed by the startup EXE Energy Securix is able to purchase green energy directly from solar and wind generators. These alleviate the need for intermediaries and expensive third-party service providers.

Decentralized energy, much as its name implies, is produced close to where it will actually be used. Centralized energy, on the other hand, utilizes large plants based elsewhere and sent through a national grid.

By locally generating your power you reduce transmission loss and lower carbon emissions. Both economic and environmental benefits can be huge for the user of decentralized through their Netherlands mining operation is proving just that.

Lowering your carbon footprint is very important, and is doing their part to do just that. Their token holders can take pride in knowing they are benefiting the global environmental landscape by utilizing a more environmentally conscious mining solution, while at the same time establishing energy prices that are more effective than traditional energy.

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very good and innovative project with a strong team

The project is one of the most developed and good projects. This team is the most transparent in terms of management. this project is going to moon

very promising campaign and its such a joy to know they wre very transparent and pride themselves in honesty.

With green energy, energy costs will become much more bearable. The possibility of profits will increase.

Super cool just see the powerful project

good idea,,hopefully will be succes

  ·  3년 전

Nice project with good team and idea. Wish succes !!!

I see this is a big, profitable project

It's very good that the project has received such a great publicity around the world and now you can see messages in different languages of the world about the project.

Real campaign! Really like the line consept of their device inside ,true professional,friendly staff and most importantly the idea with a promising future!! Success to us all

Hello. I think this is so good platform for our as an investor. And I think it will be good for our future

I went through the white paper and I really like Securix project vision. Can I know more about the token economics?

#Securix is a blockchain technology company specializing in mining cryptocurrency using green energy.

Their chosen token model shows clearly how much expertise and experience is actually inherent in the project. I will definitely would like to own some of these very useful tokens!

it took a long time to make it happen, but I believe this is the energy solution of the future

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Great project with a bright future