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Well this time I found a very unique and trustworthy project that made me want to write an article about it that made me curious and eager to know it I have seen this project and read it on the website:

So I am interested to write and share this is about NEIRONIX.


What is Neironix ?

Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for investment risk evaluation in blockchain economics, where ratings are assigned to the projects automatically on the basis of mathematical scoring results, neuron networks, and multidimensional analysis of large bulk of data. The platform is designed for analysis and subsequent management of risks typical of projects with investments in projects with high degree of uncertainty.

Mission Neironix

Neironix mission is to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about cryptocurrency markets, required for making carefully weighted investment decisions and building long-term market strategies.

They are the first developer of global methodology for risk-oriented investment process management in blockchain economics. The suggested management is based on statistical analysis of large bulk of data and risk factors.

The rating methodology of Neironix is based on the principles of international risk management standard ISO31000:2018(Е), and uses similar risk evaluation approaches for both professional investors and institutional funds belonging to the classic economy. Currently, standard ISO31000:2018(Е) is adopted in 88 countries with the highest GDP level, being a guide for risk management that, among other things, suggests variants of risk treatment at various stages of exposure to risk:

Market Analysis

High dynamics of increase in investments
Digital assets are not only a part of modern financial system, but mark a new stage of the global economic development as well. The market of investments in technological blockchain startups is not limited by national boundaries, so a new era of alternative investments has come. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that has replaced traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the key investment site of digital economics.

All ICO held in 2016 taken together raised $96 million. In 2017, this figure grew to $3.7 billion, while the capitalization of cryptocurrency market reached $372 billion. The reasons behind such high dynamics of increase in investments lie in the dramatically growing number of new blockchain startups and rising interest in investments in blockchain industry.


Drop in share of successful projects
Simultaneously with increase in the number of blockchain startups attractive for investments, new statistical data has appeared. It demonstrated global reduction in the number of successful ICO against the total number of startups. For instance, the share of successful ICO accounted for 50% in the first four months of 2017, and dropped to 30% over the period between May and June. By late 2017, only 20% of ICO project startups met the investors’ expectations. Following the results of 2017 on the average, there were about 33% of such projects. In 2018, the share of successful projects is expected to amount to about 10%.


Protect Neironix, as a global aggregator of financial analytics for cryptocurrency markets, it allows accumulation and classification of the aggregate information into risk factors, which are interpreted for the subsequent use of scoring for ICO and blockchain projects.


What is Neironix rating?

Neironix practices a comprehensive approach to drawing up the rating using no less than 75 key dynamic risk factors. This approach allows one to draw an objective picture as to the investment attractiveness of an ICO or blockchain project, and provide potential investors with unbiased information about the key strategic indicators and potential risks.

The rating is based on evaluating the totality of essential parameters typical for subjects of rating drawing or their groups.

Advantages of Neironix

Neironix project is unique in terms of aggregate benefits and opportunities for cryptocurrency market players and has no equals in blockchain market.

Historical record
At the moment of its launch, Neironix contains an accumulated analytical database built on the basis of events in the blockchain market. The data about 4,138 ICO projects implemented in the blockchain market over the past several years have been both recorded by the project initiators and collected by the system independently. Neironix has built the most profound database dealing with cryptocurrency projects and financial information about the blockchain market.

Information transparency
The methodology of Neironix is open, transparent and provides access for the user to the primary database. It allows one to be confident in the quality of rating and credibility of all project parameters, which enables the investors to make substantiated decisions.

Neironix as end product
Neironix enters the cryptocurrency market with a ready-made product. Our product can boast of having advanced functionality and is the most progressive one in its segment of the global market. As of today, the size of our own investments in the project has exceeded $1,400,000, including $1,300,000 and $100,000 spent for the system development and initial promotion respectively.

Team uniqueness
Neironix can boast of having a unique team in terms of professional skills that has accumulated vast experience of implementing successful online projects and functioning business models.

Neironix develops standards of cryptocurrency market
Neironix takes an active part in the development of cryptocurrency market standards. It guarantees the company’s leadership in its market segment and involvement of users in the project. Our rating and risk management methodology represents a brand-new and unique standard in the market of blockchain economics.

Time advance
A substantial advantage of Neironix lies in our unique scoring methodology that the system is based on. The totality of our research developments using self-learning neuron networks and continuous accumulation of databases enables us to outpace the competitors always being several steps ahead of their systems and ratings.

Online data analysis
Neironix system performs continuous data analysis and forwards the data to project stakeholders, which enables the latter to make carefully weighted decisions.

Online tracking
Neironix system informs the users about the state of a startup’s indices at various stages of its lifecycle. Put it differently, the Neironix system performs continuous risk management and monitoring of blockchain projects for the benefit of users.

Neironix Ecosystem

Neironix Ecosystem is based on a set of tools – flows of content and information intended for use in operations with cryptoassets and selection of ICO projects for investments.

The key target audience of Neironix includes private and professional investors, as well as cryptocurrency institutes and ICO projects.

The quantity and completeness of information, as well as the required set of options, are determined by each individual system user and selected on the basis of their own experience, risk tolerance (risk appetite), financial capacity, workload, expediency and potential benefit. The distribution of informational and analytical data is performed in compliance with the chosen tariff of subscription fee.

Neironix for private investors

For private investors, beginners, and other players of cryptocurrency investments market, Neironix provides the following types of analytical data:

Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Monitoring and notifications about changes in a specific ICO project rating;
Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Analytics for financial markets;
Access to the system of adjusted notifications dealing with monitoring of financial analytics.

Neironix for professional investors

For professional cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency market experts and blockchain analysts, Neironix provides the following types of analytical data:

Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Dynamic tracking of risk factors and degree of their impact on the resulting rating;
Flexible system of monitoring and notifications about deviations from acceptable risk levels with regards to a specific ICO project;
Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
Structured analysis of capital for each ICO project at the stages of Token Sale;
Structured analysis of major token holders for each implemented ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
Monitoring of probable Pump and Dump for each implemented ICO project;
Monitoring of calendars for planned and actual token listing;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Indices and multipliers;
Historical data and analytics for financial markets;
Market reviews and analytics;
Analytics for traditional and social media;
Structured data for preparation of professional judgments.

Neironix for ICO

The following Neironix platform functionality is available for ICO projects and blockchain startups:

Project management at all stages of the project’s lifecycle;
Comparison with other ICO projects, similar in terms of functionality, implementation and idea;
Full checklist for ICO preparation;
ICO scoring;
KYC verification of project stakeholders;
ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;
Publication of press releases, reports and project news;
Analytics for token bidding, notifications about flow of funds for major token holders;
Analytics for advertisement sources, automatic selection of sites for placement.

Token Info

Token Symbol: NRX
Token Sale Date: 09/01/18–11/30/18
Token Price: 0,001061571 ETH
Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
Total Supply: 140,000,000 NRX
Token Standard: ERC20
Soft Cap: $1,000,000
Hard Cap: $31,000,000


Neironix is one of the finest blockchain market analyst that exists. If you are an investor in the any of the cryptocurrency or is looking forward to making an investment in this sector and is confused over the ongoing market condition, then Neironix is your one-stop solution. The transactions made in the Neironix ecosystem are secured and confidential. They also have a token system in order to generate extra revenue as well as to attract long term investors. The services offered by Neironix are top notch and the rating system makes it easier for the investors to visually analyze the cryptocurrency market.

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