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The world as we know is getting smaller by the day, its said that it's fast evolving into a true global village and with globalization moving in fast monopoly is also closing in fast as more and more local businesses are being either brought off or simply cast aside as they cannot compete with the multinational corporations that produce similar products or offer similar services.

This development isn't as welcomed as you may perceive because although it seems the community still benefits from these multinational companies, the positive after effect on the people and the locality isn't as profound as that which is owned by smaller local businesses.

Having said this local businesses have to up their game if they are to remain relevant in this fast expanding world, and just in time.

The right platform is here to provide support which will make local businesses thrive without fear of extinction.


This platform is the FlipNpik platform; it is a collaborative commercial social medium which helps to link local businesses with target consumers.
How does the Flip n pik platform work? Good question.

1.For the business owners

  • Local businesses download the app and create a profile where the business owner and his business through this can be easily found within the locality.

The business owner can also create adverts and promos through the app, quality video and article content can also be created on the app/business page of the owner about the qualities to be expected from the products/and/or services to be provided.

Virtual and augmented reality features can also be featured for potential consumers the explore.

2.For the users.

-users are rewarded for contributing or making posts or participating in promoting a local business.

-users can emerge as brand ambassadors that represent local businesses which is rewarding.

-users/consumers get news feed on latest promos/ events on favourable local business spots.

-users can serve as personalized support to aid in creating quality content to help promote local businesses.

-users can have direct access to online shopping from their favourite local stores through this app.

This platform is a win - win for both users and local businesses owners as users earn while the local businesses thrive.

This platform is linked with the blockchain and the reward system will be through cryptocurrencies, the FlipNpik tokens (FNP) which will be the official currency of this platform with which users will be rewarded and market requests by businesses are paid for. Its a brave new world out there, dare to be a part of it?


WEBSITE: https://flipnpik.io/

WHITEPAPER: http://flipnpik.io/whitepaper

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/flipnpikworldwide/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/flipnpik

TELEGRAM: http://t.me/flipnpikico

ANN/Bounty threads: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4631900.0

Author: anelka

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2273527

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