PLEDGECAMP — The Next Generation of Crowdfunding

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Hello, my friends who love technology and ICO capitalist. As we know, there are loads of comes have created on blockchain with various totally different solutions on blockchain technology. Today, once more I’d wish to share with you a new project that conjointly blockchain application technology. With the blockchain technology, several comes are born serving us, turning into a lot of convenient, higher in our life.

That is Pledgecamp — The Next Generation of Crowdfunding.

What is Pledgecamp?

Pledgecamp is a decentralized platform that aims to solve longstanding issues of trust and misaligned user incentives in crowdfunding.

What is Pledgecamp’s mission?

We believe those smart concepts will come back from anyplace, and nobody ought to be denied the chance to become an enterprise. Our mission is to provide everybody that chance.

What makes Pledgecamp different?

Pledgecamp provides security for backers within the kind of supporter Insurance and transparency needs for creators. Blockchain permits users to mediate disputes and guarantee monetary social control while not requiring a 3rd party intermediary or shielded. A redistributed marketplace more permits participants to be remunerated for his or her contributions to the network and to permit all individuals to hitch in spite of geographic or demographics. A native token ensures that incentives area unit aligned, sensible behavior is rewarded, which users profit once their actions result in the health and growth of the network.

A team of advisors and partnership with MetaLab area unit a lot of exciting factor concerning this project. it’s Randi Zuckerberg as an authority for the project who was additionally the creator of Facebook Live. Currently, since her cognomen is Zuckerberg, I do additionally wish to spotlight that she is Mark Zuckerberg’s sister. She may be a Harvard graduate and conjointly joined Facebook as worker variety twelve. Below is her selling career at Facebook between 2005 and 2011 amount, before she determined to maneuver out of her brother’s company and do one thing of her own.

The problem that Pledgecamp solved

Pledgecamp allows users to back with confidence, with blockchain-powered
security and token incentives for collaboration.

Pledgecamp Ecosystem

Pledgecamp is a decentralized ecosystem of next-generation crowdfunding, a
Market Network for services, and a Knowledge Center for information.

Token Economy

A two-token economy designed to align participants towards a common goal and capture value created by real, innovative products.

Token Allocation


Let me point out why such investors concluded up choosing Pledgecamp because of the ICO project. Of course, they may have suggested any project and folks would have welcomed them of course. and that I found the solution in one amongst the interviews conducted by Fox News, and she or he aforesaid the below reasons — (i) she has backed the CEO in past in different comes and trust his capability. (ii) She is happy concerning the crowdfunding area and she or he believes that it’s the essential application for blockchain.

Pledgecamp is that the next generation of the crowdfunding platform. However, there’s associate degree responsibility downside in crowdfunding platforms of these days. The CEO aforesaid up to 85% you look after the crowdfunding comes delay or don’t deliver in the slightest degree. However, combining crowdfunding with sensible contracts and written agreement services which will permit two individuals on the web to follow trust within the area. Hence, responsibility is made in Pledgecamp platform.

More information, please visit the link below


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Great content and well structured! I’ve just followed you and looking forward to a second post on PledgeCamp - Looks like an interesting project!

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