ARROUND: The Project’s Review

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Hello there, fellow crypto lovers! Today is the day I told you about a new ambitious project called ARROUND and its perspectives.


About The Project

ARROUND is an additional reality platform designed for new capabilities of advertising. And it is using the blockchain technology! The regular users will use the AR (additional reality) with ease, using the platform’s official app. Besides the users, the platform will unite the advertisers, the advertising agencies, and the AR developers in one unique ecosystem.

As for today, the AR and VR technologies are the ones of the most perspective. Numerous companies working on their development have proven that true. I might as well add the commercial success factor of such companies.

Which Problems Does The Project Solve

One of the main advertisers’ problems is the oversaturated state of the market. The current state leads to a decline in advertising effectiveness and an increase in expenses.

ARROUND is creating a new space for advertising, making it target focused and less expensive. The platform will also deal with a relatively low level of AR popularity. The platform will make the AR developers and the advertisers collaborate, forcing them to come up with new incredible developments!
The main instrument of communication between the advertisers and the users is the app for mobile devices. The users will have access to the AR and the advertisements through it. The app is currently suitable for the Android devices and being at the stage of a closed beta.

The main concept of the app is called Round. That is a measure of digital content (3D objects, images, links etc.) tied to a certain place. The AR grants you an opportunity to use these Rounds in marketing purposes. The users will create their own Rounds only visible to themselves or their friends.
The advertisers will be granted more functionality in terms of creating such content. They could create banners with video on it, 3D objects and navigation! The visibility of advertisements is highly customisable!

The Benefits

The ARROUND platform has several advantages that it can offer depending on the category of users.

The Users: For the regular users, the ARROUND marketplace can be a unique platform for communication and entertainment in additional reality. The integration of the infrastructure of the blockchain technology is designed to implement services, information and advertising functions, thanks to its decentralised economy.

The Advertisers: Although the advertising on the internet remains a difficult phenomenon in general, the advertisers will have AR and all its benefits at their disposal. They will build a new platform to showcase their product. Thanks to the blockchain technology, no third party will be present.

The Developers: ARROUND is as innovative as it is ambitious. The developers will gain huge benefits through affiliate networks. The partnerships will prove to be incredible for the general AR development.


The Conclusion

The decision to participate in the ICO is totally up to you. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that I’m biased as it gets. Although, my, let’s call it, predisposition is more than justified. The AR and VR technologies are our future. The idea of using the AR for advertising purposes is nothing short of incredible. Not only the platform will be of use to the AR developers and the advertisers, but it will also be an entertainment for the regular users.

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Actual and promising. A useful solution to the development team.

Very promising project, strong team, great ambitions.

I have been watching this project for a long time. here is still learned a lot of information. Thank.