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About the project


Hello there! It's about time you got acquainted with an interesting and creative start-up. It's safe to say that the project goes hand in hand with the future of Art. The project's called Artcoin and is aiming to solve various problems of the modern arts. Today investing in the arts is anything but transparent. Artcoin offers a solution. Using the blockchain's smart contracts and cryptocurrency overall will provide the investors with the safety and transparency second to none. And the profits, so to speak.

Until quite recently the investment ecosystem of the arts wasn't all that united. It was nearly impossible to access relevant information on the arts. Artcoin got everything covered. By democratising the art market, the project established a direct link between the investors and the industry.

In case you're not that familiar with the art industry, every piece of art has kind of a unique digital fingerprint if you will. One of the most important parts about the Artcoin project is the software's capability of recognition of forging. Completely disregarding the potential difficulty of the operation, so to speak.

If you're willing to dig deep enough into the potential effects Artcoin will be able to cause - you'll notice quite some possibilities for profits. That applies to both individual publishers and large companies. The reports of condition are not just efficient, but also convenient at its speed. Every action and pieces of art will be traceable via a convenient functional. Both the insurers and logistics companies are just bound to notice all the efficiency. Regarding the painters, they'll be able to resell even their already produced and sold pieces of art for a great boon to their income.

As we all know, the blockchain invaded our common lives rather rapidly, not to mention unexpectedly. The art industry is about to take a step forward to evolve once again. With the blockchain technology at use, the industry will be more transparent than ever. The platform is designed to prevent any unauthorised access to the pieces of art profiles. Decentralisation and smart contracts being the key reasons for that, providing top-tier unbreachable security.

If you think that forging isn't a big deal - you're horribly wrong. The "additional" investing expenses exceed hundreds of millions of dollarsThat is the reason why the modern software the Project's using is designed to prevent every kind of art-fraud there is by efficiently verifying every picture or painting. So, overall, the idea is that the industry is increasing the level of transparency and security as soon as the piece of art is printed and registered in the blockchain.


2019 Roadmap

1Q: The tokens will become available for purchase at $0.01. The sale will linger until March 15 2019. It's necessary to mention that only the initial partners will be able to invest and purchase the tokens. The partners will take paramount action in shaping the platform.

2Q: The tokens will sell for $0.03 each. The sale itself is starting in April 2019, marking the perfect timing for those willing to make maximum profits from their investments.

3Q: The tokens will be available for $0.05. It's a safe option for those with no appreciation for risks or those unfortunate enough to be late to get all the bonuses of the previous sales. It will take place in May 2019.

4Q: The tokens will be available for $0.1. The sale is starting in September 2019. That is when the largest predicted influx of investors will occur. The investors will get temporary access to the tokens, and the platform's technical support will be developing further on. At this stage, the ArtChain app will be operative, and the first pieces of art will be registered in the blockchain. After the ICO the tokens will be available at cryptoexchanges. The listing will take place 30 days after the ICO.



ICO program

Token Name: Artcoin
Ethereum Standard: ERC-20
Total Number: 30 billion tokens
Soft Cap: $5 000 000
Hard Cap: $100 000 000
Public Pre-Sale Minimum Investment: $250
Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR

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