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The radio in the morning. Your favourite song on the iPod. The radio in the car. The radio in the supermarket. Music. Music on the TV, music in every commercial. We are alive with the sound of music. The musical landscape, surrounding us, is colourful and varied. Often, we don’t even choose it. It has always been a part of our lives. Music has been the subject of study for scientists. It has been a real riddle for evolutionists: why does a man spend so much time playing instruments, dancing, attending live shows and listening to vinyl records?


Most of the human kinds of activity pursue biological goals. We eat to survive. We have sex to have offspring. We talk to each other to develop or out of boredom. Hundreds and thousands of years ago communication helped people to improve their oratorical skills and spread information. But why the music?
These days many individuals of different ages try their best to prevail in the musical arena. Ambition drives the talented on the road of hardship that is the music industry. Unfortunately, many of them break, facing sometimes quite unbearable challenges. Many of them break without a fair shot at unlocking their full potential. There finally is a project aiming to stop the music industry going even further downhill.

BitSong is the first decentralised platform to stream music that uses the blockchain technology. It uses Ethereum, to be exact.
The BitSong project is developed by a team that is no stranger to the music industry. Some of the members used to be musicians and producers themselves. That is why they are familiar with all the struggles on the road of aspiring musicians.

My studies on the subject led me to believe that there are no direct competitors for BitSong. There are some similar projects but there is no way they’ll be able to compete. The BitSong solution is much more progressive and viable.

The best thing about the advantages is that you won’t need an executive music producer or a label. Musicians will be able to make money by advertising or donations from the fans. According to the BitSong dev team, musicians won’t have to worry about the safety of their position, for every composition will reach its audience without any negative consequences. That rules out the blasted third party, who contribute to the unjustified raise of expenses.


With BitSong, advertisers will have unlimited access to a reliable and global platform to advertise their products without having to pay exorbitant fees. In addition, thanks to the blockchain technology, you can automate the process of remote transactions. BitSong will effectively connect advertisers directly to their target audience, giving them complete autonomy regarding their content.

The BitSong token will provide the functionality for the project’s platform. You can use it to donate, make purchases and participate in sponsorship programs. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, your transactions will be perfectly safe and even efficient in terms of speed. In simple terms, the BTSG is an internal currency that is created for the convenience of all participants in the ecosystem.


Now the project’s ICO is underway. If you want to support the project – now is the opportunity for that. I find the project to be perspective and quite interesting. What makes it promising, though, is the fact that the project has managed to reach its soft cap on the pre-sale. 4000 Ethereum, that is. Now the project’s reached the amount of 5000 Ethereum. I’ve done my part!

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great project. this idea is very relevant now

We are waiting for the end of ICO. I think the team even at such the market, the software will gather...

I have been following this project for a long time, I will tell you ambitious!