Petlife - a breakthrough in the development of veterinary medicine

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Any living organism has been susceptible to illness since the dawn of time. Time after time epidemics took place due to the place of residence of people, population density, quality of food and water, the ecology of the area and other conditions. There were wars, technological accidents and many other potential epidemic sources. Besides, many living beings can be affected by congenital and acquired health defects. That is why the necessity of medical specialists has been, well, a necessity. Time has changed, man had to domesticate other living beings for comfortable living — cats, dogs, cows, pigs, etc. Not unlike man, animals are affected by illness as well. Since animals required healthcare, a new medicinal branch of specialists has appeared – the veterinarians. With the development of technology, medicinal capabilities have increased greatly, and are continuing to do so.

Petlife Project Overview

The Petlife platform is one of the new digital veterinarian products. According to the representatives of the company, it will be around the clock electronic assistant in the treatment of animals, and it will have a database on all patients of the clinic. To contact a doctor you’ll have to just pick a required specialisation, the way of communication, and time from the schedule. The specialist will hold a full consultation from examining the medical card to writing the recipe. The data entered by him will remain forever in the electronic patient’s card, which you can access at any time. Since the card is set up for a particular pet, all the data will be tied to it, which means it will be transferred to the new owner if you decide to sell the animal.

The Petlife platform will work on the new and secure blockchain technology, allowing you to store huge amounts of data about all patients and view it using the Petlife App on the screen of your mobile device at any time. You can also pay for the services of a specialist without additional fees for currency conversion and payments via the app.

The Petlife Platform Advantages

  • Veterinarian blockchain card that guarantees you the complete safety of your data
  • Telemedicine that allows you to contact a specialist via the internet

The platform’s way of monetisation is holding paid video conferencing with the prices varying from €4 to €42. In the case of pet insurance in the insurance company-partner of the project, the latter will be able to compensate for the services of the platform.


The project’s ICO

At the moment, the company is beginning to raise funds through the implementation of special tokens, called PETL, which will be the internal currency of the platform.

Token brief info:

Token’s name: PETL
Designation: Utility token
Total number of tokens: 143 000 000
Tokens for crowdsale: 88 700 000
Price per 1 token: 0.2 USD
Type: ERC-20, Ethereum
Total crowdfunding rounds: 3
Soft cap: 4 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 15 000 000 USD

If you think that the veterinary development is a great cause and you find the project interesting – consider joining yourself!

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