VANTA - a new decentralised real-time network

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Remember when having a mobile phone was a big deal? I certainly don't. Still, that was the case. There was a time when the original Mario was the most popular game.


These days people play Fortnite and praise Waluigi. Online games are extremely popular. The communication of players, be it strategising or simply chatting, goes via voice or text chats. Online game developers often use their own communication services programmed in API using SDK. API is the interface, and SDK the kit. Good to know, am I right?

With the appearance of IoT and Big Data, companies had to adapt to the new reality of the market. Keeping the used technologies and assets confidential used to be a common thing.


However, companies are much more cooperative lately. People sharing their technologies, working together, merging into brand new profitable ecosystems. Sounds almost like a sweet white dream. API's are running open codes or are generally accessible. Everybody can touch its programming beauty.


VANTA is a blockchain-based platform that will be optimised for working online for transferring, processing, and safekeeping data. Every part of the network will be as functioning as your brain cells when you can't find the bloody keys in your pocket. Not only will they be as functional as it gets, but they will also work according to their computational power, regarding network bandwidth, memory, and durability. For real. No joke. If all of that sounds like you don't understand it - no worries. That means that the platform will greatly contribute to the network's scalability, safety at use, and overall performance. Damn, boy!

The necessity of connecting people is real. Furthermore, the whole tendency requires improvement. Like, for example, adding the "convenient" to the "confidential".
VANTA brings improvement to the table. Imagine the absolute purest form of the convenience of human online communication. If that doesn't sound good enough for you - not only human communication. Every e-data transition. Every electronic device. Merging into the golden ecosystem-ish hymn singing "Hallelujah".

The VANTA ultimate supreme benefits

- For The Developers
Do you want to create scalable accurate reliable topical communication services while reducing the costs? There's VANTA for you, my child.

- For The Users
Do you want to have access to various highest-quality-you'll-ever-get services for either free or almost free while not giving two ducks about any confidentiality issues? There's VANTA for you, my child.

- The Companies/Organisations
Do you want to create perfectly operative telecommunication lines in a wide database of designs? There's VANTA for you, m'lord.

The VANTA tokens

Token name: VNT
Standard: ERC20, Ethereum
Token Price: $0.00088
Hard Cap: $15 million
Total Number of Tokens: 56.2 billion

Token Allocation

For Sale: 35%
Business Development: 15%
Marketing: 15%
R&D: 15%
For the Dev. Team: 10%
Advisors: 5%
Reserve: 5%

The Conclusion

VANTA is a playmaker. VANTA is an attention grabber. VANTA is an interesting project with many uses for a wide variety of users. The project has declared partnership with two major Korean exchanges - AllBit and Cashierest. The developer team and consultants are quite experienced and most definitely capable. They have warm partner-like relationships with Oracle and Microsoft that will certainly pay its dividends in the near future.

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