VECAP - a blockchain project review

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Hello there! Today is the day we talked about the IoT (Internet of Things) technology. About its security weaknesses, other issues, and potential solutions to be precise. Especially, about the solutions a certain project called VECAP has to offer.


So, what does IoT even mean? Every common or industrial device that has internet access can be referred to as an IoT device. The only exceptions are the devices we actually use. To access the internet, I mean. Smartphones, PCs, tabs, etc. IoT devices are more like smart home appliances, smart houses, baby monitors, smart cars, online medical sensors etc. Essentially, those devices that got internet access as a result of technological wonders of recent years.

We use these things to simplify our common lives. For example, smart houses can adjust the overall temperature of the, well, house. They also have the most magnificent ability to manipulate the appliances! Wow! Incredible! Smart cars can handle the traffic pretty well or at least assist the driver. You can control vacs, freezers, teapots, and washers at a distance! Not to mention fully automatic factories and enterprises you only have to monitor via the internet.

In case you can't already tell, it's not all sunshine and roses. You can find outrageous comments with them gory details about an IoT device going rogue as a result of a hack anywhere. For example, insulin injectors can potentially overdose and straight up murder a person if they're hacked. Smart cars can drive over people like it ain't no thing for the same reason. You may ask what's the worst thing possible? Imagine someone hacking your printer and telling you to subscribe to T-Series. Which you of course shouldn't do even if you're held at gunpoint. But these are the worst possible scenarios. Usually hackers just want personal data for blackmailing or to use the hacked device to DDoS someone unlucky.

Every hero has a tragic prologue to his story. The VECAP's founder had his printer telling him to join the ranks of T-Series subs. Like a true hero he is, he didn't even hesitate to refuse the devil. Furthermore, he's decided to prevent this form of pure evil from terrorising the innocents. He's founded a company that stands like a bulwark against the wicked.

The VECAP company is a fortress of Good that stands in Germany. The area of expertise is the creation of software and auxiliary devices for IoT in order to perfect the security. The main device they'll provide is a specialised adapter using the project's developed software that will be able to automatically cut off the internet connection in case of an emergency. That way of increasing the security is the most efficient in terms of overall price. If the developers of IoT were to invest in the better security of their devices, the price on them would be way too much for a regular user.

For the highest-class security and convenience, VECAP utilises the blockchain technology of their development. You'll be able to use their own VC cryptocurrency to buy the protective equipment against them darkness-tainted hackers and for a monthly subscription.

On this day the project's development with its evil-repelling devices is in progress. If you wish to join the forces of Good and support the project - feel free to do so during the ICO.


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