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Hello everyone, how are you? If you are interested in joining a project, you should read information that will help you get information that can help you see your vision and mission.

The decentralized and blockchain platform called RIPAEX opens up new opportunities for people who use to work with the digital currency. Since the swap methods are very easy and reachable as well. The developers of the platform are now gathering the funds that are very important for the further enhancement of the project. At the top, investors are fascinated as the open source code facilitates you to make your own swap app and it’s a virtual innovation.

Developers even make sure that their users will always have the reach to their purse- not only in the expansion of standard version for the browser but mobile apps also. So, every patron of the decentralized platform will be able to perform with its own assets immediately.

Why choose RIPA exchange?

The team of developers of this platform believes that, whether the recent developments for cryptocurrency exchange is expensive, difficult to manage and trust. But still, RIPA exchange is there to help you out and provides you with an inexpensive, easy and trustworthy platform for cryptocurrency exchange. The platform’s main mission is to create the world best and open source marketplace with a high level of performance in trading and high level of safety that can be trusted by the users. Well, there are several features offered by this platform, where few of them are listed below:

Features of RIPA exchange

Open source- Peatio is considered best for the customizable trading solution that enables users for the easy connection to AML or KYC, reporting, ETL and various other services.

KYC verification- Peatio KYC can efficiently exchange the KYC information to easily meet the banking standard as well as comply with CDD to customers due diligence requirements.

Configurable and transparent- Peatio is a safe open source technology that makes the exchange process transparent, secure, flexible as well as highly configurable.

Internationalization- Peatio easily supports a wide array of languages and improves the usability of the users worldwide.

Proof of solvency- Peatio also offers proof of solvency that often allows users to verify their own solvency that is based on the cryptocurrency exchange, without comprising the user's privacy.

Multi-accounts-Peatio also allows users to create their multiple accounts and trade in with this account in multiple currencies. It even makes it easy for the users to trade in different currencies.

Enterprise exchange- Peatio is used for enterprise exchange even includes exchange matching engine with high performance as well as for the SMS factor authentication.

With it, RIPA exchange even includes RIPA tokens that can be used for the trading purpose on this platform. With it, these tokens are distributed into different percentages like 20% for marketing, 60% for project development and the remaining 20% for legal support.

RIPAEX decentralized permits you to swap digital currency that is really safe and profitable as well. Many vital functions have been developed already and the domestic money is being provided openly. Investors can now buy token and get 100% bonuses- this is non standard and bright standard from the creators. After they will be able to obtain vital funding – the platform will be built up systematically. Also, the plans cover the development of many applications as well as code modernization. It will simplify effectively the duty for people who build up new cell-phone apps to perform with crypto.

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