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Hello everyone, this new post that I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project is ShareMeAll and for more details, let's go to the following discussion:
Before money was invented, people used the swap method to sell their product and get something else. A farmer in need of wheat could meet this need by giving barley to another farmer. With the arrival of the Middle Ages, travelers began to make way for overseas countries. They went to continents like Africa and started to trade their goods such as leather and fabric with gold and precious metals. In these examples where the swap method has been used successfully, people have gained beautiful profits from this trade. However, a constant value was needed over time to exchange values. In order to respond to this need, coins entered our lives.

In the early times, these coins made of precious metals turned into worthless pieces of paper because people cut and sold corners of money. Regardless of the name, traditional money systems are designed and planned to find solutions to mutual exchange.Today, applications such as Airbnb and Uber have become examples of the exchange system and the sharing economy. These applications are the systems where the person who needs any service and the service owner come together and combine to find solutions.

What is ShareMeAll?
The ShareMeAll team, inspired by the ultimate sharing economy, has taken action to establish a system of the first kind of type that people can exchange to meet their mutual needs. With the ShareMeAll system, users can earn anything in the hands of eSwitch token by exchanging their abilities with another user. Users can then use this token to buy themselves a service.

ShareMeAll Platform Features
All users are free to cut prices for the services they provide. Users who are not so eSwitch tokens to receive that service in their hands can eliminate these deficiencies by providing stock exchanges or other types of services.ShareMeAll not only allows users but also companies to keep up with this system. Companies can generate revenue by selling any goods directly on the ShareMeAll platform. They can buy raw materials from another supplier for their income.This system, which supports and rewards third-party applications that will support the ShareMeAll system, aims to provide a better service to users. For example, any insurance company sells insurance services to the platform and can generate revenue in exchange for guaranteed mutual exchange.This platform, which enables developers to perform their activities and design, is designed as open source. Developers can design their own applications through the ShareMeAll platform and include it directly in the ShareMeAll ecosystem. Developers who can design a chat system to interact with each other can adapt their system to the ShareMeAll system and gain gains from platform revenue.

Use Cases

As an example, John, who has guitar knowledge, can teach through the ShareMeAll platform and receive eSwitch token in return. John can either earn money directly by selling tokens or use it for any other purpose. In time, John’s guitar was obsolete or he wanted to replace his guitar with a better model. In this case, John can access this guitar requirement by entering another user’s account. If John doesn’t have enough tokens, he can earn more eSwitch token and buy something more valuable with what he earns by producing something inside the platform and supporting the platform.

As a result

Designing a sustainable and detailed platform, ShareMeAll has united the economy of change with the blockchain and implemented a unique platform. This project, which has never been seen in the world of crypto money before, is managed by a team that has been involved in famous projects such as Petchain and Laneaxis.

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