What's CateredContent?

CateredContent allows essayists such as yourselves to gain cash by expounding on explicit points! Supporting organizations will set up a prize pool, and by taking an interest you can acquire a part of that prize pool. They have 3 live running occasions, and a lot more to come!

We trust this gives a few essayists an outlet just as an approach to gain some additional crypto!

Your info matters - truly.

A few clients have reached them and they have rolled out certain improvements. All suggestions are paid attention to. The clients realize themselves best, so they endeavor to write (quip expected) to their desires!

The features

  • Show web-based social networking symbols for acknowledged internet based life.
  • Limit drop down choices for specific events to accepted social media
  • Decrease header measure, leaving more space for substance.
  • Resized pictures for portable/littler presentations.
  • Capacity to submit straightforwardly from the occasion articles page.

Occasion Winners

As victors are declared for a portion of the occasions that are presently running, they will begin revealing a "Past Events" page. This will contain the winners name just as the amount they won.

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Their procedure is basic. WRITE, SHARE and EARN.


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