GPU Monetization Idea

6년 전
in idea

Not so long ago appeared site which can be treated any of your picture or photo for a certain artistic style. Actually, guys do it for free, but wishing is unrealistic a lot, and because the waiting time the result has already reached several days. Alternatively, the same guys offer to accelerate this process in the symbolic $ 1.99 per image. Payment Only Paypal

In the image processing based on this algorithm here:

Full installation instructions this miracle under Linux here:

The work of the algorithm is described here:

Processing is very demanding on the hardware, but with some powerful video card, you can put these things on stream for a modest fee, measured in Satoshi, for example. And the current two bucks for a picture - is somehow not cool. Well, given the already very huge demand for this new theme, and having at hand a powerful farm, it seems to me quite possible to earn good money.

PS: The algorithm actually produces very cool results. Artists do not need
If one of the gpu farmers will do - record me as one of the first customers. Thank you.

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Cool idea. I'd be interested in selling (or even using) GPU time to render full motion video with this technique, now that would look amazing.

Shame the code looks like it's only GPU accelerated for CUDA/Nvidia cards. How quickly can it render an image like the one you posted?

Neat algorithm and results!

YOUR post is really good looking