Covid-winter is coming



today we got a strange mail from our directors. It is the first time they wrote that we shall stay at home and avoid any travel, even going to the office.

Till the moment, the bosses wanted to see us at customers or in the office, no matter what. If one would stay in home office for a longer period, it would have been taken under focus.

So today, we had the shift in mentality, which for me is fine, as I'm not so eager to leave the house and to sit in the office. I like my home office setup even more than my desk at work.

After the e-mail we went into a call, where the message was plain simple, embrace yourself, winter is coming. We will expect again some factory closures due to the pandemic and a lot of calls from our customers who will expect parts that will never reach them on time. Everyone knows it, but no one acts to produce in advance a single part without a firm order. The risk is high that the customers will not be able to pay. Like this, the whole supply chain suffers.

I've learned so much about supply chains in the past months, even if they are not my primary focus. I'm just managing the customer accounts and try to keep everything running smooth from the installation of new projects till the last time buy of products.

Now, I can say, we are facing some difficult times. The new global challenges will affect everyone. The sickness is real. Yes, there are a lot of deniers, who did not see it's devastation. It is not a simple flu. Some employees of my parents have been hit hard and their recovery is taking a lot of time.

The new wave is here and I think we will have some lockdowns in 2-3 weeks. This is my estimation,2-3 weeks till we have some lock downs.

Don't rely on politics, just on your family and yourself.

Stay safe

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