Adab - a project which develops the crypto assets market.

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More new users of crypto assets
Adab Solutions will develop the crypto industry for Muslims. The richest and numerous Muslim countries are the main markets for the company. The crypto market needs new users and new investments and Islamic countries are a great opportunity to find a new foothold. Islamic finance is growing at 12% per year and already amounts to almost $ 3 trillion, and the population of Muslims is over 1.8 billion people

Project for all
Muslims need financial products and services that comply with the norms of Islam. Islam regulates all aspects of people's lives, including financial and economic. While the services of conventional financial institutions are not suitable for Muslims, the users of Islamic finance can be the people of different faiths and nationalities. Islamic finance is suitable for everyone.

More capitalization of the crypto market
The more new users join the crypto market, the more investment and demand is for cryptocurrency, which directly affects the rise in the value of crypto assets and the total market capitalization. The Muslim community is willing to invest only in a projects in a jurisdiction understandable to them (Europe, Arab countries - this is where FICE will work) and investments can be only in fiat currencies, due to the non-prevalence of cryptocurrencies, which will positively affect the growth of market capitalization.


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The exchange will attract millions of users who live in muslims countries and many people from another country's. I hope, all members like this project

Adab’s success in the way the team is working so hard. The team’s work must be commendable, and as a result, they will have many successes. And their exchange will be one of the best exchange. #ADAB #adabsolutions #cryptocurrency #blockchain

The Adab project is a well thought project that will bring everyone into crypto,also since the Islamic law would be acted on, it will give confidence to investors

ADAB is great interesting project and team! It is worth supporting as an investor the project will be implemented in the near future. Don't miss it and join

The main feature of such a project is the Sharia advisory council at the head of the structure. ADAB solutions will be the first platform to launch halal projects.

Islamic laws and tenets are what is hiding the proponents of this project and they're ready to make a change by integrating Islamic financial services into cryptocurrencies

I think that investments can be only in fiat currencies is good for suitable for developing for any company. For exchanger, it's a correct way to accumulate enough amount of money for normal trading.

I want to draw your attention to the #ADAB project-it combines proven technologies in one place, there is every chance to succeed in their industry, now I continue to study the benefits.

With the creative team, the success of the project is inevitable. Creative and positive people always have something to share with the crypto community. You have the best team!

Of the latest projects with technology #blockchain I will note #ADAB – already invested in #IEO, they have all the chances to start and earn.

I am very glad that such a platform as ADAB has appeared. Thanks to its special advantages, ADAB helps the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as well as enables the whole region to join these remarkable opportunities. At the same time, ADAB adheres to all Islamic norms, which is very important.

ADAB is very high quality and reliable project. The team is working efficiently. I am sure that the idea of the project is interesting and promising. I hope the project will grow more and more.

My attention was drawn to the project #ADAB. They have already started #IEO, so I will invest in their project, I like the team and plans very much.

Who is looking for opportunities for profitable investments – please consider #ADAB. We have put together an intelligent team, there is an adequate project and prospects.

The best project ever. I have checked out every detail and infos. They look like pretty impressive. I have also checked out their reputations. They are really up to to the expectations!

We all support and believe in you, never stop! Work hard and you will get what you dreamed.

One of the options for strengthening the future responsibility of ADAB Solutions will be the formation of a two-level system of Shariah oversight. External and internal oversight will be implemented.

This project has good and strong team, predictable and transparent road map, I will follow the news and follow to the end

The project will definitely be able to make a significant contribution to the development of digital assets for the whole world, to help people who have restrictions on religious principles to invest!

The project has a great team and a lot of experience in this direction! I propose to provide the necessary support to the project. The project has the best ratings in all analytical reports!

ADAB Solutions to provide quality information to the Muslim society about the cryptocurrency market, fulfill an explanatory mission, and promote the involvement of the Muslim community in the cryptocurrency market.

The Muslim community will be very happy about this product that takes care of their beliefs

A promising project with a visible team and a good development strategy! Advise all to join!

Visit the official website of the project and meet the developers of ADAB Solutions. These are experienced people who can be trusted. For the understanding of the concept suggest to read the White paper. Join today, it's a good investment for the future.

I'm sure this project will do well, the teams are all working hard and their efforts won't be for nothing

Congratulations @adabsolutions!
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Considering transactions using cryptocurrencies It's totally irreversible, scams like chargeback fraud where fund transfers can be blocked or cancelled after the fact can be eliminated.

Adab Solutions - will attract millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets and this will benefit the entire crypto-economy that will increase with new participants, who previously just watched its development from the sidelines.

ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of inability if crypto penetration across the arab nation and enable a staggering population of 1.8 billion people to take part in this new segment. By giving access to many people the money flow into this sector will increase and thereby makes the way for bullish economy.