IIT JAM Physics Entrance & IIT JAM Physics Syllabus

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The IIT JAM Physics syllabus contains the topics in forms like Modern Physics, Solid State, Mechanics and Electricity. The IIT JAM syllabus does not change every year by IIT and there are seven subjects in it and each and every subject has different syllabus. The seven objective type test papers include Mathematics (MA), Physics (PH), Chemistry (CY), Geology (GG), Mathematical Statistics (MS), Biological Sciences (BL) and Biotechnology (BT). A full proof exam strategy for JAM preparation is required.
IIT JAM Physics Syllabus
Candidates appearing in IIT JAM must be aware of Iit Jam Physics syllabus. No changes have been made in the paper pattern and syllabus. Therefore, candidates having complete knowledge of important topics will help them a lot in the preparation of examination. The subject wise syllabus details are available online on the official website and candidates can very easily download the syllabus and can start the preparation of the examination of IIT JAM. The syllabus of IIT Physics is as follows:
JAM Syllabus for Physics
The IIT JAM Physics Syllabus details are as follows:
Chapter Topic
Mathematical Methods Calculus of single & multiple variables, Jacobian, imperfect
& perfect differentials, partial derivatives. Taylor expansion, Vector algebra, Vector Calculus, Fourier series, Multiple Integrals, Green’s theorem, Stokes’s Theorem, Divergence theorem. First order equations and linear second order differential equations with constant co-efficient, Algebra of Complex Numbers, Matrices & Determinants.
Simple Oscillators OPAMP & applications, sinusoidal oscillators, Binary number
Systems, conversion from one system to another system, binary
Addition & substraction, Logic Gates AND, OR, NOT, NOR exclusive,
NAND, OR Truth tables, combination of Gates, de Morgan’s
Modern Physics Postulates of special relativity, Lorentz transformations, Length
Contractions, time dilation, Inertial frames & Galilean invariance,
Photoelectric effect, X-rays, Crompton effect, mass energy
Equivalence, Bohr’s Atomic model, Uncertainty principle, calculation
Expectation values, the superposition principles, Laws of radioactive
Decay, Solid state Physics, Structure of atomic nucleus, solid state
Physics, Miller indices, X-ray diffraction & Bragg’s law, Fermi level.
Thermodynamics Elements of Kinetic theory of gases, Velocity distribution, Specific
Heat of Mono, di, tri – atomic gases, Ideal gas, Mean free path, Zeroth
Law & concept of thermal equilibrium, Mean free path, Laws of 25
Thermodynamics, Isothermal & Adiabatic processes, Reversible &
Irreversible and quasistatic processes, Second law of entropy, Carnot
Cycle, Maxwell’s thermodynamic relations & simple applications.
Maxwell’s Boltzmann, Thermodynamic relations & simple
Electricity & Magnetism Coulomb’s law, Gauss’s law, Electric field & potential, Alternating
Currents, Simple AC & DC circuits with R,L &C components, Lorentz
Force & motion of charged particles, Poynting’s theorem, reflection
Refraction at dielectric interface, transmission & reflection
Coefficients (normal incidence only), Faraday’s law of
Electromagnetic induction, Self & Mutual inductance, Displacement
Current, Conductors, Capacitors, dielectrics, dielectric polarization,
Electrostatic energy, Biot- Savart Law, Ampere’s law, Electrostatic
Boundary conditions, Solution of Laplace’s equation for simple cases.

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