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For getting success in CSIR NET examinations, candidates must prepare for exam brilliantly. As we all know that Physics is mother of all sciences as well as technologies. Whether starting from nanotechnology, biophysics, Newton’s law, string theory of quantum computation and speed of light determination and many more determines the power of Physics. All these topics are very difficult and must be prepared thoroughly for clear concepts. Thus, there are various recommendations of study materials, books by the expert online as well as offline too.
Study Materials of CSIR NET Physical Science Study Materials & Books
The study materials, books or CSIR NET Physical Science Notes PDF always proves as an effective channel between the candidates and their aims. Therefore, it is always advised to the candidates who are appearing in the exam must keep themselves stay updated with all the latest books, study materials and notes updated online for their best and perfect preparations. Candidates can also take the help of CSIR NET coaching or can better go for online coaching where tutors and mentors are always there to guide them with the best possible routes and also give the best preparation tips. The various study materials or books suggested in various CSIR Net Physics Coaching are as follows:
CSIR NET Physics Books
There are long lists of excellent CSIR NET Physics Books for the preparation of CSIR NET which helps a lot to the candidates in preparation of exam. These books are easily available in the market as well as available online too as follows:
• Particle Physics by C L Arora
• Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldstein
• Statistical Mechanics by R.K Patharia
• Atomic & Molecular Physics by Raj Kumar
• Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory by Boylestad & Nashelsky
• Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David. J. Griffiths
• Solid State Physics by N.W.S.O. Pillai
• Mathematical Physics by H K Dass
• Introduction to Electrodynamics by David. J. Griffiths
For investing the efforts in right direction, nothing is better than solving the sample papers, they act as best tools for any applicants for having an idea of format as well as practice it accordingly. As we all are aware that “Practice makes man Perfect” therefore it is suggested to all candidates appearing in the exam of CSIR NET must go through the sample papers and practice it thoroughly for refining their skills. Reaching to a great success, CSIR NET winners require great dedication, devotion and hard work.

Amazing Tips for Getting Success in CSIR NET Exam
There are many important tips to be followed in exam by the appearing candidates for getting success in the CSIR NET Examination such as:
• First of all set the target scores.
• Spend 4-5 hours on studying and revising the notes daily as well as learn the Physical Science Concepts wisely.
• .Prepare the quick notes, repeat, revise and remember it.
• Always focus on important topics – Electronics, Quantum Physics, Mathematical Physics, and Electromagnetic Physics & Classical Mechanics.
• Solve the mock tests and past years papers
• Avoid cramming instead of it learn the topics with clear concepts & proper understanding.
• Always try to solve maximum questions in minimum time. Before answering, think twice.
• Try to teach others the Physical Science Concepts.

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