Israel and 9/11

6개월 전

An issue worth discussing. I am not against Israel wanting to colonize Palestine, since I do not live there. I mean a 3000 year old claim (that could also be made by any Christian...) is very "old" but if a group of people who formed the identity Zionists want to do that then I am not against that more than anything else (although I certainly would be if I was Palestinian! ) I do not consider Zionism to represent Judaism (although I acknowledge it may represent many Jews), I see the "Israel project" as its own group (it has to be, if it is to in any way be treated as a nation-state! )

But, it really seems like Israel then went ahead, in 2001, and did 9/11. This does bother me. Since it is an attack on the entire world, through the directives of the United Nations that were passed after 9/11.

If I have stated this, lots of Zionists (at least a handful or dozen) have labelled me a "Jew hater". But, I really think that is misrepresentative.

These are my own thoughts on that, from my own "anti-defamation league".

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