Baby bee sketch

7개월 전


This is one of the sketches I'm working on right now. Project is unreleased still but since this sketch is way to far from finals it is possible to show it.

Testing eSteem Mobile 2.1 on my Android phone. So far works well...

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Thank you so much! ❤️

These sort of drawings always make me’s few lines and “simple” but it captures so much life and feel. It’s a great reminder for me to keep focus on the foundation of a pic.

Can we flag for jealousy? :)


Haha, yeah, I think so. Some people may flag out of jealousy. There is at least one incognito guy here who does that sometimes to my posts 😅

I think it's simple to draw like that. You just start drawing using one single lines and it will start looking like that.

Hehe! pretty cute!


This drawing is very positive. For children, a beautiful and fascinating topic, and talented work from an adult. A drawing that comes more from the soul than from a pencil. I really like it. Thank you very much for a good post.




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