Hello Fellow Steemians!

2년 전

I am Simon a self-employed Illustrator based in Spain.
It's nice to be party of an on-line community where I can share and talk about things I enjoy and things I hate. Although art is in my blood, there are many other topics which I enjoy discussing. So don't be surprised to see my artwork randomly sprinkled with Movie Critiques, stories and washed down with some political debate. Not all on the same post though!

My artwork is primarily digital now, mainly due to the fact that I live in a cupboard and don't have the space to set-up my easel and acrylic paints. But I like to diversify from time to time and get down and dirty with Acrylics, but it isn't practical to set them up on a regular basis. I use open source software to create my Illustrations, and cannot understand why it's not used by more professional Illustrators in the industry.

I am also excited to be on the Blockchain and contributing to a more decentralized technology which rewards its creators in a fairer way, and at the same time curating original work and promoting value. Looking forward to creating some steem!

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