Daily Doodle #3 - Fancy Boys

3년 전

Hi all!

This daily doodle is sort of cheating since I did it yesterday, but oh well.

After I did my warm-up gestures, I started working on one of my comics pages. I needed a reference for someone holding a sword, so I started doing a bit of research. This inevitably led me down the dark rabbit hole of the internet, where I started looking at ridiculous 16th century outfits.

And then I just had to draw them, so I tabled my actual work (oops) and started sketching. My goal was to not only capture the clothing style of the period, but also try to design characters who would fit in these clothing. I wanted to vary their silhouettes, their color palettes, and their personalities.

Here's the final drawing!


And here's the sketch!


Thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoyed!

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You know the time I feel the most creative is when I have something else to do. These are great, I love the king, he's my fav :)

Wow, I love these!

I've just started a series on Steemit where I'm releasing a screenplay I wrote one scene at a time. You can read more about what I'm trying to accomplish with this project here: https://steemit.com/screenplay/@stephie.spicer/the-comic-tragedy-of-tristan-and-yseut-a-screenplay

I was wondering if you might possibly like to collaborate through illustration? I think it would be cool to have a picture (or two or three) to go with each post/scene. I'd be happy to split the SBD with you of course.

I really like your style and think it would fit well to the style of the script.

Let me know what you think. If you're interested, feel free to give me your email address and I'll send you the whole script so you can get an overall idea.

Thanks for your time. I really love your work!


Hi Stephie! Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately right now, I'm juggling several projects and don't have time to take on anything else. Your screenplay is very funny, I just read through what you've posted so far. Looking forward to seeing more!


Hey, thank you. :) Sure, I understand about having a lot of projects going on. I'm glad you're reading my screenplay!

Love these, zoe! The personalities are really coming through very nicely for all three of them! The anxious-happy guy, the self-assured short character, and the friendly but a little cautious duder :D GORGEOUS colours too <3 Love the details on their outfit, as well <3

Jester, Prince and King? XD

Really nice <3



Thanks so much, I'm glad their personalities are coming through. That's the main goal! I think I imagined the middle guy as more of a squire sort of fellow, though he's certainly self-assured enough to be a prince!

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