Imagination, dreams, and success are the achievements of knowledge

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From birth, people begin to gain knowledge, and end with their own ends.

The purpose of education is to achieve that power through the acquisition of knowledge. That purpose comes from a healthy 'desire to dream or dream'. Without knowledge, intelligence does not come and without intelligence there can be no liberation or success.Every man sows the seed of his own dream, imagines himself to be established, and dreams are born from his imagination. She tries to fulfill her dreams in many ages, while the younger Bella's high hopes of fulfilling many dreams fall prematurely. The aspiration of fulfilling this dream, whether small or large, is the 'onset' of the fulfillment of the dream. It comes through thinking of their various things. And some of them even study a lot and use their brains, and it becomes an emotional habit of thinking too little.This is the statement of Albert Einstein.He also says that imagination comes from our mind or brain.The brain is the driver of the body. All the physical activity of the body is driven by it. It controls the functioning of the body, such as hearing, breathing, thinking, conscience, creative work or imagination, in various parts of the body.

"Dream is imagination"

and imagination has infinite power. It is more "accomplished" than knowledge. He who has acquired a lot of knowledge from all sides, whose experience is very much, in all cases he is able to analyze many things in his imagination. Attempts to turn that fantasy into reality became overwhelming to him. This is how people see the future. In many cases, anything that can be imagined can also increase the interest of knowing more about that matter.

That's why scientist Albert Einstein said

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. He also says, - If I have to spend an hour to solve a problem, I think about the problem for 5 minutes and the remaining 5 minutes. Thus, the compulsion to be solved can only be understood by Albert Einstein's imagination.
If you want to be a true 'wise person' - you have to be the first character with your dreams and dreams. It requires humility, gentleness or gratitude. Without the tactics, skills, timeliness or courage, knowledge cannot be used in the best way. The human heart needs to have greatness, the ability to forgive and unpleasant things that people need to have the ability or ability to forget. If you do not have this qualification, your knowledge will continue to diminish. Without restraint, compassion, sentimentality or empathy, knowledge will not come forward for anyone to accept. So, if there is no charming personality, aesthetic aesthetics of conversation or not enough interest, then 'knowledge' will not spread the aroma of wisdom. 'You have to work hard, work hard

Because, hard work is the key to success.


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