Wisdom of the Day - "There is only one way to avoid criticism; do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing." (Aristotle)


I just saw this quote in a tweet from StrongBlock, a very interesting crypto project trying to launch nodes that will help, support, and make the different blockchains stronger. Why look for gold elsewhere, when it comes popping forth on Twitter?

I really like the quote, simply because it is extremely true. Have you ever noticed that whenever someone is taking an initiative and tries to get something done, that they will always meet some sort of opposition?


##Imagine this situation.
You are sitting in the living room. Everyone is bored. Something has to be done.

Now you decide to change things. You say: "Let's go for a walk."

Do you know what will happen? Everyone will jump up and say hurray! Most likely, NO!
Instead, they will start to argue and tell you that your suggestion is bad and that there has to be something better.

That is what is happening when you do something, when you act when you say something! It might be easier to just be quiet and do nothing, but that will not get you anywhere!

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