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This is about human traffic and making a profit from misery.

Trump's decisions always wrong for me

Poor pup in a collar :( Haha totally off topic. Haha, no of course there was no outrage back then when Obama was in office, they were waiting for a Conservative to occupy the white house. Lol, "don't be a snowflake." lmao the crying soundtrack, what a touch!

I've always said that liberal tears are the tastiest delicacy a red-blooded American could ever taste.
Fascinating hypocrisy at its worst.

Amusing that people listen to crazies like Rachel.

Looking at the border issue can be done from two perspectives, one emotional and the other logically. Emotionally it tears up anyone to hear a child cry, to even imagine a child crying from need for its loved one and protector. From a logical point of view children separated from loved ones by military service, long business trips, or due to felonious activity by a parent caught by law enforcement also cry for their loved ones. Historically open borders have been a disaster for any country that allows it. That's why all countries do not allow it. Looking at any issue using only logic or only emotion never yields a quality solution, nor does it provide a productive platform for discourse.