I'm still around, Steem bots/scripts on a RaspberryPi and a few thoughts

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I wasn't active very much on Steem in the last couple of weeks and months. Apologies for great posts that I certainly missed or didn't leave a comment even if I read and liked them. Own root posts, and especially the analysis stuff I was mostly working on in the past, take a sh*t load of time to prepare. But also comment-wise I had better times, mildly speaking... Sadly, I can't even promise any improvements, but I'll try my best!

Steems scripts, bots and a spare RaspberryPi

Source: Onepiece84, CC

I previously used a full-fledged server to run @curx and a couple of other Steem scripts and snippets as bots or cron jobs. However, both the bandwidth and the CPU load required to run those are marginal and I have no intentions (and time!) to play with an own Steem node. But I had a spare RaspberryPi 3 laying around at home, doing nothing. So I'm happy to announce that @curx and friends are running on a RaspberryPi since a couple of weeks now and it works just fine:

  • Raspbian as base OS
  • Docker for disposable Python3/Node/dev environments
  • Beem for the Steem scripts
  • my bots/scripts/cronjobs running in Docker containers

A downside of having a RaspberryPi running at home behind a SOHO router is that it isn't as easily accessible when not being at home. I could have set up a VPN or opened a port in the router to access it from everywhere, but I found an easier solution: a TOR hidden service for SSH. There are a couple of good tutorials on the net to set this up and it's probably way easier than configuring OpenVPN:

$ torify ssh pi@myhiddenservicehash.onion

With this in place, I can access the RPi in my home network from anywhere. Quite handy, and the RPi performance is sufficient.


Source: Drugwars GitHub

I spent quite a lot of time on Drugwars until a few weeks ago. This paid quite well especially in the beginning but wasn't helping with the posting / commenting activity. I got a multiple of of my STEEM investments back with the production and heist rewards. However, taking the time spent into account, this probably isn't even beer money, but it was definitely fun! The rewards were (obviously) decreasing over time and I must admit that this also resulted in an decreased incentive to play for me. I guess this is one of the downsides of the monetization of games. I played OGame around 10 years ago with no expectations on monetary gains at all, why does it bother me with Drugwars now? I don't know. In combination with a couple of new off-chain obligations I had to pause my career as a drug lord. I'm mostly passive at the moment, investing my own productions into heist and units from time to time.

I just started with @nextcolony a day ago because it was praised at various occasions and the dev team seems very solid and capable. I don't have a full picture there yet, and there's still the same problem with the limited amount of time available for Steem.


Source: @reazuliqbal

With my lack of activity on the chain, at least my VP doesn't have to go idle. I have a couple of authors in my auto-voter list on @steemrewarding and @steemdunk but recently also joined @flagtrail with my main account. My account occasionally joins the @steemflagrewards team flags with follow-up flags. This is currently active only if my VP is above 95%. Check this post for details on @flagtrail.

Utopian & Analysis Posts

Source: https://join.utopian.io

I'm still part of the @utopian-io analysis mod team together with @abh12345. The category hasn't had many contributions recently. If you would like to contribute and have questions, feel free to reach out on Discord. I have a couple of ideas myself, both in the scope of Utopian and out of it, but the time it takes to prepare the data, especially for topics when the result isn't clear at the beginning, can be quite long. Also if you don't have the skills yourself but have a great idea for an analysis, let us know! We might find someone to take a look.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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Welcome back, sort of :)

Glad to hear @curx is still going strong on the new 'lighter' hardware, trailing it has made an alt of mine a Minnow!


haha, yes, my pleasure. And every vote after curx is also a good vote for me :D

Nice to hear from you, Glad that you like nextcolony (I'm the backend/API dev there), let me know if you have any question :).


Thanks, Holger! I'm aware that you are involved in nextcolony, which makes me pretty confident that it will "just work" :D

Great to hear I'm not the only one running Steem bots on Raspberry Pi. @we-are and my clerk bot easily run in a cheap Pi.
Great tip for the tor - ssh.


Ah, nice to hear that it works for you as well with Pi!

Welcome back, glad to see your valuable contributions making it back to Steem!

Surprising that all work on a Pi 3. TOR hidden service for SSH is something new to me. Need to look it up.

Thank you for joining FlagTrail. :)


yeah, I wasn't sure either when I gave it a try, but it worked surprisingly well on the Pi. Thanks for setting up flagtrail :)

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