Stay Focused In Your Strengths - Distractions Are Expensive...

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Stay Focused In Your Strengths - Distractions Are Expensive...
chbartist (73) in life • 6 hours ago
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Moving along the story I've been sharing on this blog, I wanted to continue from the time I was 22 years old, a time when I had to learn how to adapt to the new opportunities, like I shared on posts If you are new in my blog, this post is a continuation of the other two I've previously shared, so in order for this to make sense, please I I suggest you check those out first.

1 - Building a Successful Business

2 - Winning By Adapting to a Changing Life

3 - Opportunities Come to Those Who Prepare Themselves...

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If you are finding these blogs for the first time, I recommend you read those first.
So, right after starting my publicity agency and with the audio production company running at full steam, many things started to change in the market. It was right around the time where all magazines started to include Multimedia with them, they included CD-ROMs.

The challenge was very great, to pack all the audio needed with the publications on a very limited space. Back then audio files were huge, there was no such thing as compressed formats like mp3, etc…

It was then that I took another leap and decided to open a tech company, my third business venture. This seemed like a natural step because I was already dealing with a lot of these challenges in my production company. We managed to create software that helped us compress the file sizes by four, allowing us to have a great advantage over any competitor. Very soon we were working with many editorial houses and online magazines, recording, coding and programming their multimedia CDs.

Soon after we developed streaming protocols, and the online magazines were able to offer on demand audio, and we are talking about a time with 256 Kbps internet connections.
In other words, I was 25 years old, had three companies to run and would spend 16 hours a day working. As a consequence of that I was able to prosper financially, and in other aspects of my life, but I will leave those details for another time.
It is very important to be aware of the potential that resides within you. All of us have talents, things that we can be very good of and not be fully aware. If we don't recognize the potential we might be seeing opportunities pass us by or not see them at all as if we were wearing a blindfold.

I did want to bring something up before closing this post.

Many people have been asking me lately what they should be doing due to the situation in the market. I've been trying to tell them that they are free to make their choices but that in my opinion is not a good time to be selling your steems. However that is my choice, my personal experiences. As you can see I share my personal story, things I have lived. There are many ways to make money in a negative market, but I do not intend to come off as some financial guru because I believe everyone is living through different things and all choices should be made personally.

Pay attention to what @lauram @gowealth @akdx and others are doing. I do not give votes in people's comments if I observe that they have not read the post. In the first post (links above) you can see what happened. Almost everyone who struggled to write something positive is with 8, 10 upvotes because

What I asked will be very important in what I intend to to everyone on a positive and positive mindset. I really want you all to understand the true spirit of networking and a union between everyone who comments on my posts. I told you not to vote for yourself. I also asked you to vote for everyone who made positive comments. Please understand that it costs nothing and if everyone votes among themselves we can create a community where everyone will always be receiving more votes. No matter how much you have of Steem Power, what matters is the attitude, change the mindset so that everything can flow genuinely. This generates respect and unity and as a consequence financial prosperity and perhaps true friends in the future. This is one of the keys to building an honest network between all of us. image

Don't forget to follow @teukuazal and resteem these posts if you like them. The content and conversations could be valuable to someone else, even if you don't know that person.

With that said, have a beautiful Weekend

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