A letter from martyr of liberation war in Bangladesh 1971, for the Independence day in Bangladesh.

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Dear All Bangladeshi,

We are all from martyr who died for the independence of Bangladesh from heaven. You will all very happy to know that now we are all living the Heaven. Somebody will not be happy after knowing that we are living in Heaven, Because of Present condition of our country, it is similar to in Hell or live in Bangladesh. Some people use bad language to us, why we are fighting for our independence, it was better to live under the rule of Pakistan or British. We are extremely sorry, in those time we just became crazy for our freedom, we are not thinking about the future of Bangladesh, Now we feel very sorrow seeing the present condition our country. We feel very tense for our country, and we make a community in Heaven to discuss how to we can contribute our country once again and we think that it is more difficult to change the worst condition than fighting. Don't be disappointed we are always praying to our Almighty that he blessed our country.

We feel very sorrow when we see that there have any significance of our contribution without some special day. We are really very shame on our government, they still trying to find those War criminal to punished them, what is the benefit there, we really forgive them, our government should concentrate to re-build or developed our country. They Should find out the major problem of our country and should take proper planned action with the help of this huge population, but they are not doing like this, they are busy to making corruption and making money for them-self.

We give you all independence it does not mean that you all misuse it. Making corruption is not part of being independence, making terrorism is not part of being independence, making pollution whole over the country is not a part of being independence, forgetting the culture of Bangladesh being modern with the western culture it's not a part of being independence, The Anarchy that are going on for the sake of independence that really make us very sad, so we forced write this letter.

In the victory day we will send another letter to the Government of Bangladesh. Till then stay blessed and Enjoy the Freedom.

Your's All respected
Martyr of Liberation War In Bangladesh 1971

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