Weekend Trekking to Ramanagara

11개월 전

Ramanagara is a city as well as a district located in Karnataka which is around 50 km from Bangalore. It is also famous because the iconic Bollywood movie Sholay was shot here. Thus Ramagiri hill is also known as Sholay Hills.

We went trekking to Ramadevra Betta mountain which is famous for its rocky mountain. We have started our journey around 7:00 AM from Bangalore since it was around 50 Km we have taken our motorbike instead of taking a cab. We have reached Bidadi at 7:45 AM and had our breakfast and started from there around 8:15 AM. Bidadi which is an industrial suburb of Bangalore is associated with bisi thatte idli. Thatte means plate in Kannada and this idli got its name because of its shape as it resembles plate or disc. We got complimentary Vada with Sambhar and Chutney. The price was Rs 50 / $0.8 per plate and it was worth it.


At around 8:50 AM we reached Ramanagara, the entrance of the road to Ramadevra Betta is located beside a Huge Hanuman statue. From the statue, it was around 2-3 km ride. The gate opens only at 9:00 AM. The entry fee is Rs 25 / $0.35 per person and Rs 10/ $0.15 for two-wheeler parking.

It is also known as Vulture Sanctuary but we could not find any. They have ample parking facilities for both four-wheeler and two-wheeler. You will find an entrance that leads to the Rama temple. The climb to the temple is around 400 steps and the steps are easy to climb.



Hanuman Idol at the Entrance




More Steps


Rocky Visuals


Small Caves Spotted



After climbing 400 steps you will reach to the foothills of the temple. Actually, there is two temples one of Shiva and the other of Ram & Sita.

Siva Temple


Ram & Sita Temple


From the temple you need to climb further which is a pure rocky terrain. The path is extreme left of the temple. Some visuals as you climb :







The last part of the trek is what the scariest part if you have not climbed the rocky mountain before, though anyone can climb it easily. After you climb it, you will love the stunning view from the top. The view provides a panoramic view of the town, the rocky mountain ranges and the forest at the foothills of the mountain.

The actual trekking


Stunning View from the Top







It was an overall great trekking experience. Though I would not say that it was real trekking though you will get a feel of it. I would say anyone can do this trekking irrespective of your age, though you might end up taking more time than usual.

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That's a lot of steps, but the views reward the effort it seems. How long did the climb take?


It took only 60 minutes to climb to the top, though we spend time clicking photos which took little more time.


Not too long then. Good views.

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Great post and the photography is amazing, I love to eat edli a lot.😋 ✌️

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Nice bro... I think I missed it. When I was there.

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