India: Coinome Crypto Exchange To Shutdown By 15th May

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Coinome is shutting down all it's operations on the 15th of May, 2019. Chances are you may have stopped using this exchange a while ago. But if you or someone you know is holding any crypto here, kindly move it out immediately.

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I'm particularly disappointed by this update because Coinome was by far one of the best spot exchanges from India. They suffered after the RBI ban on banking accounts to exchanges as they didn't get into P2P.

However, I used them from Jan 2018 until July and never had a single issue. Not only that they had great volumes, prices were good, prices updated in real time and withdrawals were processed on time.

It's a real shame that our government has managed to slowly kill innovation in this space with their restrictive policies.

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So sad to hear this @firepower, heavy handed rules on crypto.........
I expect that after they try to stifle crypto India will quietly start up a Government run crypto...... time will tell....


The government has always a way to disappoint people...

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This is sad news indeed and going to affect our country in negative way. Politicians are busy to secure their post for another 5 years but the bitter reality is that they are not at all bothered about closure of such Exchanges.

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It is sad to see them going away. I had great hope on this exchange since it is backed by Billdesk but due to the regulations and lack of guideline it has to close down its operations.

I've used Coinome for quiet sometime after the coinsecure hack, found it reliable and good. I was surprised to see their mail couple of days back and I had posted about the same in Steem 2 days ago. Hope others survive.