India: Irresponsible Reporting From CNN-News 18 On RBI vs Cryptocurrency!

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Supreme Court of India today pushed forward the hearing to 13th September. However today a top news channel CNN-News18 has irresponsibly reported that the apex court will hear the matter on September 17th.

These media organisations are the ones who created a massive FOMO over cryptocurrencies as well as created a lot of FUD earlier this year when the Finance Minster mistakenly said crypto is illegal while he meant it's not legal tender and ofcourse when RBI's mandate came out some news channels didn't leave any stone unturned in creating a sense of panic.

As crypto users from India we must strongly condemn such irresponsible behaviour from reputed news channels. I hope the channel takes down videos that provide false information and issues a clarification on the matter.

These channels have millions of viewers pan-India and false information can cause trouble for everyone in this space from India.

You can visit their twitter status bearing this news here and tweet them to correct their mistake and issue clarification about the same!

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Can we sue them? The worst part is that the people wouldn't even try to double check the facts before blindly believing the nonsense these substandard newsrooms spit out.

Accuracy in news reporting is of paramount importance for these news channels to maintain their credibility and now the fact remains that not only will people forget this blunder but not even a correction statement will be issued, much less an apology.

CNN New's 18 carries a lot of clout, and then they jump on the fake new's band wagon. We certainly do not need this now, I often wonder if that is the plan to bash Crypto when it is is weak.....(:
Resteemed Firepower!

Most of the time Indian social media provide their judgement like they are the supreme court of India.

Indian social media is hungry for TRP, For TRP they will do anything. I am sure most of the Hindi News channel reporter did not know anything about Blockchain Technology or cryptocurrency, never do their homework before speaking on this issue, Act like they are expert and give their judgement like a dictator as you share a tweet screenshot. As a crypto lover, it is everybody responsibility to stop those who spread FUD among Indian crypto investor.

India's television media are hilarious... They are fools and those watching them are great fools

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LOL... we are fools for centuries

It's sad to see these top news channels are so irresponsible. Not only for cryptos, but there are tons of shit news telecasted every now and then.

I think these media houses are creating FUD to drop the prices of crypto and I think doing this they are helping manipulators of the market @firepower

half baked knowledge is very dangerous. Media channels shout from roof tops a lot of misinformation and this does more damage than good.

News like this are always disheartning. I am still yet to understnd why governments are always scared of accepting cryptos as a formal legal tender.

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I would very much appreciate your support. A big hug and greetings :)

That is being so irresponsible

the CNN news explained a lot of false thinks on his article (Is India Ready to Legalize Crypto? Officials Visit Japan & UK to Study Policies)...the effect of news was so wrong...the Indian digital marketers ready to sell them Cryptocurrency in cheap prices...