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Hello Steemians, As everybody is enjoying World cup and must have observed, post match at World cup,Japanese proved their inbuilt sense of discipline by cleaning trash from the stadium.

I started thinking of traits of what makes me being Indian? And we when asked what are the traits we should be proud of as Indians usually start listing commonly believed negative qualities. But it’s rightly said

World will look upon us as we see ourselves.So let us not be harsh on ourselves

We Indians have this self-critical attitude and overeargerness to please others which probably comes from long political history .But now let us focus on positive ones….

We are respectful of our elders

I love our inborn spirituality and our belief system that very thing will turn out for the best.

I am proud of our intelligence of the Indian mind and that were considered to be mathematical and computer wizards.

I am proud of my old civilization as suggested its approximately 8000 years and upholders of this wonderful legacy

We hold each other in Family and always there for each other

Our dedicated and deep love and care for our parents specially for children is rare quality in western world and with lowest divorce rates.. That's proves good family culture..

I love the significance and value we give to education

I am proud in our country we may be strangers to someone on street but we will stop and try to help someone lost.The care affection and warmth we put in hospitality is amazing its truly said Atithi devo bhav


We make our guests feel comfortable is something to appreciate .Even the poor will do its best to serve the guest ,as our religion teaches us to share and feed the poor.

charity is in our blood

Children are taught the importance of values to pray and share.

I love the way the stories of our ancient epics which gives us lessons to how to live life the effects of good and bad karma which we proudly pass it on from one generation to the next AND I LOVE all kind of epic stories with different GOD AND GODDESS playing different role in it .

Major religions in India live together in harmony

Most of the gold are owned by Indian women

Our biggest asset is our Ayurveda ,many people from all over the world are now following ayurvedic medicine ,the basic staple food of ours has become fitness fad for westerners like organic coconut oil,millets ,turmeric,basmati rice..

And each and every ritual we follow is scientifically proven to be healthy from eating our food with fingers ,sitting on floor and eating .

Indian style squatting better than western commodes for healthy bowel movements .

Proud of our Bollywood movies and dances our great legend Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka chopra ..I love my desi girl too

Last and not the least my guru Sri sri Ravi shankarji is from India ,several cities in US AND CANADA HAVE HONORED Gurudev by declaring Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day

I can proudly say it’s The Land of spirituality

I look best in any given situation and seek solace in our belief system like a true Indian and I can proudly say I am like this only

Proud to be Indian

If you too have any special traits of your nationality kindly share in the comment box

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very true dear. So proud that you wrote this


Thank you so much for your kind words@sayee:)

This steem is awesome.

Major religions in India live together in harmony

The above phrase touched my heart. It is a beautiful thing if religion can unite people. In our world today, religion has created and keeps creating a grave divide among nations and even local tribes, making people forget that they are humans, erasing from their memories that we were first humans before we embraced a religion.

Thank you for this beautiful steem.


so true anthoo...we are human first :)love your comment as always

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@geetasnani, i loved my india.

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@geetasnani, i already voted u plz vote me too.

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Thank u so much for the warning i appreciate