Malaal Kya Huwa : Alif (My band's new song)

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Hello everyone!
I have been off the crypto platforms for quite a while now.
The entire coronavirus situation, like everyone else, has put me in a difficult situation. But it has also given time to think and reflect.
With live shows not happening in the forseeable future, online seems to be the thing for all musicians now.
And I am trying to utilise all possible platforms as a means of revenue generation.
Since crypto trading is not illegal in India anymore, it seems the right time for a lot of musicians to explore crypto again.
This community has been a great support to me and helped me a lot during previous difficult times.
I am hoping I will find the same support again. 🙏🏼

Hence, speaking of difficult times, here is a song from my band Alif.
The song is called Malaal Kya Huwa and it talks about *regret, grief, sorrow and depression. *

Artist: Alif
Song: Malaal Kya Huwa
Album: Sufayed

The video was particularly difficult to shoot in Kashmir since it was on lockdown (the curfew before the coronavirus) and the weather was not ideal.
But somehow we managed to get the shots we needed and it turned out great!

During the making of this video, I learnt how to color correct.
Took a 6 hour lesson on Linkedin learning and used my previous knowledge of grading videos.
It is always fun and rewarding when I learn something from scratch and it turns out great 😎

Kindly check out the song on other platforms as well:
Amazon Music:

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