Coin fishing For a Living

2년 전

Coin fishing For a Living

Its a tough life this is a tough living. diving for 10 hours in dirty water for a few coins. I feel sorry for them they should learn clean people shoes or do something else. Life is tough

Stay in School

Stay in schools kids or you will be diving for coins in a dirty water lol

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Even schools there don’t help, the population is huge with little opportunity . Hard to get out of a poverty line when generations of it where there


its bad no work

That's depressing. Hopefully things improve. I think the Indian economy has been getting better over the years.

Some places in the world poverty is the major problem and it steals their happiness.

All this is regrettable, who are to blame for things like this happening?

Education is the most important to build a nation but money and foods are main demand as many children are still out of school and hunt for foods.

@newmarket65, Yes, life is tough and sometimes life forces people to do those work which they don't want to do.

And we all have the potential to change the situations but in my opinion the biggest issue is we hold one thought and that is It's Not My Headache.

And life throws adversity situations in everyone's life and we should not think that it's only one's situation, if we spread the support essence we can make the world beautiful.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.