When will HIVE Launch in India? Here is the date and time..

4개월 전

In the announcement post of HIVE, developers said that the launch time of this new blockchain will be 10 AM EST on 20th March 2020. There is a high chance of people getting confused this with their local time. Dear steemians from India, I would like to inform you that you need not to confuse this time with the indian standard time(IST) as it is +9.30 ahead of EST. So the exact time in India during the launch of HIVE will be 7.30 PM on tommorow (20/03/2020)

Be vigil, get ready and be prepared for the shift!

Keep going!

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Please see this post on SteemPeak for more information.

Does it need a preparation ? I thought, we just move automatically ?


Technically, no preparation is needed. However, inorder to get more HIVE tokens one should buy more steems before the launch. In that sense preparation is needed.