Fun Facts about Wombats



Many marsupials are native to Australia?Do anyone know the reason plz share if u do?
Get introduced to short legged,nocturnal muscular marsupials The Wombats
These in pic are with hairy nose ,cute, fatty soft and furry ..

The Burrow


They are really special


• Wombats pouches unlike kangaroo have backward facing pouches ? that is opening toward the mothers rear rather than head ?can you imagine why I guess the reason may be this allows the mamma to dig without getting dirt in her pouch…God has made so many creatures with amazing unique features though in age of technology and robotics human can not even imagine all these unique and unmatchable distinguished incomparable features in each and every individual on earth forget of creating it.. Though humans looks similar but still we are unique and different in our own way including twins too everyone has unique incomparable abilities still we Humans always compare ourselves and our life with each other .

• They have peculiar characteristic of “ass”/backside/rear end of wombats as it also has defensive mechanism as it is very tough due to cartilage when frightened it dives its head first into a tunnel blocking the entrance ,this sturdy cartilage/rump makes the predator difficult to catch hold of.
• The most funniest part of this creature is its Cube shaped poop again due to its amazing ass consisting of special bones that allows the feces to form cube like shape ,they mark their territories like dogs do through defecation


• Waddle like duckies


• Great Diggers



These can live upto 29 to 30 years ..


Beware it can Bite too as they have sharp teeth like rodents


unnamed (1).gif

Photographed with canon camera Actual image (No editing )@Melbourne Zoo

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So glad to see you again on steemit dear @geetasnani!
Amazing and so funny facts shared by you! 😂

Hope you enjoyed your holidays very well🤗💚


Haha thank u my twinkle little star... I am grinding dear not enjoying vacation.. Submission time phd... Pray for me... ✌️Thanx for visiting my post dear

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Very informative post.


Thank you:)

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