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IndiaUnited is a community of Collective members from India. If you are not a part of the discord server, please Join Discord Server of IndiaUnited. All the members joining the community should follow the below Guidelines.

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We are introducing a registration process to join the community. The steps to register and other details about registration is available in IndiaUnited Registration post. We will be collecting 1 STEEM or 1.5 SBD as a registration fee to join the community.

Community Engagement

The discord server is not just for dropping links in #postpromotion channel alone. Having healthy conversations with the team members is very important. If you would like to be recognized, you have to make more friends and interact with people. Just creating posts and waiting for people to upvote is not going to happen in Steemit. Discord server should be used for a healthy community engagement.

Post Promotion

So far we have been dropping our post links in #postpromotion channel. Lots of members in our discord group have been using only the #postpromotion channel. After Registration, the post promotion channel will be open only to the members of the IndiaUnited community. After you get yourselves registered in the community, your access to #postpromotion channel will be enabled. Members are allowed to drop links once every 24hours. Before you drop your link, it is mandatory that you have to upvote and comment a minimum of two existing posts in the #postpromotion channel. If you fail to do that, your access to the channel will be revoked. This is to ensure that we support other members of the community before we look for support.

Note: In order to receive an upvote from @indiaunited or @indiaunited-bot account, there should be #indiaunited tag or #india tag in the post.

Curation Trail

We have been operating our curation trail program through @steemauto. In order to be a registered member of @indiaunited, you have to follow the Curation Trail. We can see that members enrolled for curation trail initially have now disabled it. This can be because their Voting Power is draining due to lots of upvote per day. All the members who have disabled it can now enable it as we have made changes to the way IndiaUnited Curation Program works. This will sort out the VP draining issue.

Self Nomination

As part of IndiaUnited Curation program, we have now introduced a channel called #self-nomination in our discord server. This channel can be used by the members to nominate their own post for curation. The curation team will reivew the posts submitted in #self-nomination channel and upvote the post using community account followed by the trail votes. More information about this new channel and curation program is available in the below post.

Changes to Curation Program


Some of our community members have been hosting contests. Members can join these contests and win SBD or STEEM. In future, there will also be contests hosted by the community itself. Posts related to contests can be shared in #contest-only channel in discord. If you are hosting a contest, you can share the contest link in the channel.


As a part of this guideline, first begging for votes to the community members is prohibited. If you engage well with the community and the community members, you will obviously get good support.

Solicitation for money or other means of payment is STRICTLY Prohibited in the Indiaunited server unless it is approved by the admins and moderators. In case of genuine scenarios like an aid fund for a disaster relief effort, health emergencies, etc., members should create a post in steemit with valid information/proof and then contact one of the admins to check if we can get community support.

Repeated offences, Identity theft etc will not be allowed and any accounts doing such actions will be banned permanently. However, members of the community are open to exchange/trade SBD for INR by interacting with other members at your own risk. IndiaUnited community or the steemit account indiaunited will not be responsible for any unfortunate situations or fraudulence. Members are requested to do their own due diligence.


Plagiarism will be frowned upon. As a community, we are focused on promoting only quality and original contents. If we identify members doing copy paste or plagiarism, they will be banned from the community after warnings. If we come across plagiarized contents, it will be reported to @steemcleaners.

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Footer Banners

We currently have some footer banners designed by some of our awesome members of the community. You are free to use these banners in your posts as footers. All these footer banners are currently just images. We do not have a gif banner yet. If you are a designer and would like to design few banners for the community, please contact us in Discord.

S. No     CreditsBanner ImageLink


To make the community stronger, we will need a good support from the members. You can render your support by upvoting all the posts made by @indiaunited community account. You can also automate this by adding @indiaunited to your fanbase in @steemauto.

Please follow the guidelines strictly. Together we can make @indiaunited one of the strongest community in the steemit blockchain. We will be updating the guidelines in the form of new posts if required. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us in the discord server.

This post was authored by @bala41288 on behalf of IndiaUnited community

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thank you for providing useful information for channel members and who want to become a member of @indiaunited channel. hopefully channel @indiaunited getting great


Thanks for the comment. Please check the registration post to get yourself registered.

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Hello i am hari sharma from nepal .In nepal there are only few hundred steemit users .i can speak and communicate in hindi language clearly .can i become the member of this group . I have already joined the discord .if i am not elligable to become a member please reply this message i will sincerely leave the discord .

cool this is great.