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We have been working on setting up a registration process for quite some time. We had several meetings to discuss various aspects of improving @indiaunited as a community. One major agenda for the discussion was to soon implement a registration process for the community. The main reason to bring a registration process is to grow as a team from India and to be able to support each other being a part of Indiaunited community. We have now come up with a decision to have a registration process implemented.

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Though we are an Indian Community, we also have lots of members from other countries as well. We really value them. There is no country restriction to join @indaunited. Anyone from any country is free to join @indiaunited if they are ready to follow the guidelines and support the fellow members.

Registration fees and Return of Investment (ROI)

We have set 1 STEEM or 1 SBD as registration fee to get a membership in IndiaUnited. This is to ensure that we grow as a community by helping each other. All the registered members will get an upvote from @indiaunited-bot account on the basis of one post per day.

First time registration is valid for 3 months. After three months a member should renew their membership every month. This 3 months period is to ensure that you get a decent ROI from the registration fees that you pay. With the fluctuating prices of SBD and STEEM, it is quite challenging to calculate the exact ROI. But, we feel that we will be able to provide a decent ROI for all the members who register.

The 1 STEEM or 1.5 SBD amount is just a bare minimum value to get yourself registered. If you are willing to contribute more than 1 STEEM to the community, you are most welcome. But for now, there will not be any extra benefits for members contributing more than 1 STEEM. We already have few wonderful members contributing SBD, STEEM and SP delegation to the community account. Thank you for your support.

All the STEEM that is being collected as registration fees will be used to Power Up @indiaunited and @indiaunited-bot accounts.

Steps and Guidelines to Register

  • Members should send 1 STEEM or 1.5 SBD to @indiaunited with their steemit handle/steemit username in Memo. (Please do not provide any other information in the memo.)

  • Read the IndiaUnited Community Guidelines.

  • Fill out the Registration form.

  • Your profile will then be manually reviewed by the team. This process can take upto 5 days based on the team's availability.

  • If membership is approved by the team, the member will receive a response from @indiaunited with information on next renewal date in the Memo.

  • Approved member's steemit ID will be updated in the common Shared sheet that we will be maintining. We will also be maintaining the membership start date and renewal date. Currently we are doing it manually and in the future we will look forward to automate this.

  • Membership will be rejected for people consistently posting low quality contents.

  • 1 Steem or 1.5 SBD may be difficult for a newly joined member but they can consistently post good contents and earn to afford registration fees. (A senior member of steemit can also help a new joiner by paying their registration fees.)

  • After membership is approved, the members should continue to post quality contents. If we find shit posts in your account after successful registration, we will not hesitate to revoke your membership.

  • Membership will be cancelled if a member fails to renew before the due date.

How to delegate SP to IndiaUnited?

If you are happy with what we are doing as a community, you can also delegate SP to IndiaUnited. Please use the below option to delegate SP to IndiaUnited.

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@indiaunited Account

If you would like to delegate to @IndiaUnited you can do so by clicking on the following links: 5SP, 10SP, 15SP, 20SP 25SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP. Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

@indiaunited-bot Account

If you would like to delegate to @IndiaUnited-bot you can do so by clicking on the following links: 5SP, 10SP, 15SP, 20SP 25SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP. Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

We value your feedback and comments. If you think you can add any value to this community by any means, please contact us in discord server.

This post was authored by @bala41288 on behalf of IndiaUnited community

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successfully registered ....

It is one of the best move to support fellow Indians on #steemit
I am new to #steemit. I do not have #steem or SBD now but I will surely reach to some steem and earn registration. I like to create my own content with self created pictures. I don't like copying so my grammar and pics are of medium standard.

I will register too very soon.

Is there any fees of renewal too?


Yes there will be a renewal fees after 3 months. The renewal will be every month then on.


That’s harsh! I thought it would be one time registration fees and renewal after 3 months.


We will not be able to grow as a community and power up if we don't get any contributions from the members. The fees that you pay is just an investment and you will be getting a lot more returns through upvote from the community.


Dear @indiaunited, Does the SP delegator will get any benefit from delegation? if yes then what are those?


Dear @indiaunited what is the vote value each user will get per day?


What will be the value of your upvote?

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

@indiaunited i m new in steemit . I have no 1 steem or sbd in my a/c please help me how can join this community
Please give me some idea ....

What if Im not get approved? Will i get my SBD back?

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@indiaunited hello i am from west bangal and i run a photography and fact page! i am new and right now i don't have enough steem to give you, check my work, if you like plz help me get an entry in your cmmunity!

will be registering soon when i make one sbd, this is the first thing i will do, getithg back into my roots 😇

Merry Christmas, enjoy the vote!