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Hello Team, Hope you are all wonderful and had an interesting week. This week 99 posts were selected for curation and were upvoted by @indiaunited community account.

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@steemflowWebbing through Wild Spiders : know your close pal
@bala41288India's first off-shore clean energy project
@inukeLife in 2150 A D - The helmet : Part 2
@akdx[Monsoon and the Factors Affecting the MonsoonHow Monsoon Works?👉](
@face2faceShoud not we change our Smartphone or laptop for one year?
@erodeNot all the farmers are similar-- they too had a change
@sayeeA beautiful Krishna bhajan
@vishalsingh4997Internet of "things!"
@steemflowDo you know the Lizard on your wall is Gecko!
@sayeeMany more ways to earn through steem
@bala41288What is the real potential of Blockchain technology?
@bala41288India digging its own grave in terms of technological growth
@sayeeA Rainy Day
@steemflowTree Tuesday - A Banyan Tree , A School and A Grave
@bala41288Can we eliminate fraud with the help of Blockchain technology?
@face2faceLooks like Byteball (Gbyte) and Monero (XMR) are fighting with eah other in crypto market
@steemflowElegant Designer Pot for Artist in Bloom - Gallery # 13
@face2faceHigh demand of fresh Cow urine (गोमूत्र)
@sayeeThe stalker at the beach
@face2faceLooks like Byteball (Gbyte) and Monero (XMR) are fighting with eah other in crypto market
@sayeeFeeding the hungry
@sayeeThe stalker at the beach
@bala41288Blockchain startup company TRON has acquired BitTorrent
@sayeeHow the forest was rescued - Grandma stories for the young
@mishramukul[Travel With Me to Patalpani Waterfall300 feet highSoothing AtmosphereAmazing Place](
@ayushjalanImagining Life Beyond Earth - A Stargazer's Dream
@sayeeWhy don't people leave Hanan alone?
@wallpaperflowerSwami Krishnananda Vidyapeeth Ashram
@erodeOnce upon a time I am a thief -- real life story
@bala41288Effective Leadership #33 - Rendering support to the team
@steemflowA Surprise #RandomThings ART by DrawingQueen !
@sayeeHow to Control Anger in Five Easy Steps
@face2faceSamples of streetphotography from my library
@silenteyesBANANA FLOWER STIR FRY (Kerala Style)
@bala41288Future towards Wireless Charging
@bala41288Blockchain startup company TRON has acquired BitTorrent
@akdxWhat is karma good or bad?
@akdxWill robots and artificial intelligence transform the future of the human society or will they eventually replace humans?
@hardikvEgypt Trip Vlog - Part 3 - "Nyan Cat Sprint"
@steemflowMy Budding Heart for Steemit and Fundition ! #oneheart contest
@bala41288Passive Income #1 - Introduction to Passive Income
@erodeWhy it happened?- Think about it 🤔
@erodeWhy it happened?- Think about it 🤔
@face2faceNow upload multiple photos in Single browsing from eSteem surfer
@face2faceNow upload multiple photos in Single browsing from eSteem surfer
@bala41288Passive Income #1 - Introduction to Passive Income
@sayeeAham Brahmasmi - I am the reality.
@mishramukulKohli's Biggest Challenge is about to begin. Will India Win !!!!! What's your Prediction?
@steemflowMy Untalented Photography #2
@face2faceFollow your heart 💓
@bala41288Is it really worth to explore Mars?
@sayeeThe lover’s park
@sathyasankarConsistency is the key to be successful. But...
@inukeThis ain't a movie review - Part 3 (The Cun-ju-ring)
@codingdefinedHow to Configure IIS in Windows Server 2016
@codingdefinedAn Opportunity for Developers - IBM's Call for Code for Disaster Preparedness
@rzsWhat is the single most effective piece of financial advice you have ever received?
@bala41288Mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects
@bala41288When salary hits the bank account
@inukeThis ain't a movie review - Part 4 (The Haunting)
@rzsHow safe is the nuclear fusion powerplant?
@steemflowAn Innocent Face of Legacy Farming - The Muddy Boys
@inukeThis ain't a movie review - Part 4 (The Haunting)
@sabari18Is happiness real?
@mishramukulDid Manchester really defeated Real Madrid ??? I don't think so..Do you???
@bala41288You get nothing for free - Interesting experience with a Scammer
@steemflow✋Stay Away..Do Not Touch !! Hairy Catterpillar.
@rzsWhat is the purpose of adding power steem power and what is the advantage of steem power for
@sayeeHow to become a Steem hunter?
@bala41288Is Steemit failing to retain members in the platform?
@vishalsingh4997Design and IOT
@steemflow" Bhagvad Gita " & Steemit few Phrases for Thought !!
@bala41288Use Credit Card wisely to save money
@sayeeWhy reservation?
@sabari18Panorama- Photomerge in Photo Shop- Tutorial
@bala41288Making hobbies as your profession
@vishalsingh4997IOT - Prototyping Gadgets!
@mishramukul[The Celebration of LifeBritish Transplant GamesMotivational MondaySports](
@sayeeLittle gourd stir fry
@steemflowThe Rusty Rainy Worms - The crowdsource unit.
@bobinsonmiss Kerala aka Sahyadria denisonii
@bala41288Decentralized Blockchain solution for education sector in India
@steemflowDrawingQueen Hand made Friendship Band - #artistinbloom - 14
@inukeThis ain't a movie review - Part 5 (The Final Chapter)
@steemflowEcotrain TSU Bi-Weekly : What it mean to be humans??
@silenteyesA visit to the Textile Museum of Canada
@hardikvAlif T-Shirts finally in hand!
@sayeeShutters of 22 dams opened in Kerala
@bala41288Former Chief minister of Tamil Nadu M Karunanidhi passes away at the age of 94
@bala41288Integrating Blockchain and Data Science
@vishalsingh4997Artificial Intelligence and I
@mishramukulRain, Runout and Anderson...Summary For Day 2, Second Test
@steemflowThe Essence of Commenting on Steemit
@bala41288Effective Leadership #34 - Development is specific to tasks and not specific to person
@akdxHard Fork 20: Is this the time to improve reward distribution system?

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