Mother's Love Is Comparable to Anything.


Sijeumpet Breuh Donation For the 15th Country For Nurhayati Puteh Widow 60 Years

Nurhayati Puteh Place of birth date Snb Peulimbang, 16.07-1958 lamcok village Bungo sub-district Pelimbang sub-district Bireuen unyielding figure to get a lump of rice to be able to live even by becoming a scavenger. When dusk in the West End must be passed even though droplets of sweat do not make him complain to beg for self-begging . Truly Your Life O dear Mother, We Know when your Old days we really want to make you happy, but whatever my power we have not been able to make you happy.

Nuhayati Puteh who lives alone by relying on herself for scavengers. A house that has soil on it with rotten mats and walls covered with coconut leaves, teardrops are not the solution for her, but we donate Breuh Sijeumpet for the 15th country

Trying Together with communities across the country to put their hands together to be together For Nurhayati Puteh to be able to live well, no matter how small the assistance will be very useful for him. Distribute Assistance Through the Chairperson of the Lambang Bangsa Foundation

Name of Muhammad
Distribute Assistance Through

REK * BPD-03002036501885

  • BRI-3802-01-032449-53-8

    1. Tu Abdul Hasyid Rp. 20,000
    2. chairman of the Muhammad Lambang Bangsa Foundation Rp. 100,000
  1. Head of Breuh Sijeumpet Rp. 20,000
    4.Sektis Lambang Bangsa Foundation Rp.50.000

Amount Collected Rp.190.000

May Allah bestow our sustenance to help the mandate of the country

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