# Quality Access Triggers Aceh Education, Bereh #

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Quality Access Triggers Aceh Education, Bereh

North Aceh- Aceh, October 15, 2019

Aceh's Education Preparedness, Continuously Continued to be Boosted by the Government of Aceh, this is a measure of the success of change both in terms of quality access and Improvement of teacher competence itself, This was conveyed by Muhammad, S.Pd who has been serving at Senior Hight School 1 Tanah Jambo Aye.

Through the media, he expressed his gratitude to the Head of Aceh Aceh's Education Office in the North Aceh branch, T Aznal Zahri, SSTP MSi, who at the time continued to make breakthroughs in preparing for Access to Education in North Aceh. held from the 8th to the 15th of October 2019 at Wisma Kuta Karang Baru and the old Karang kuta, - the access to Aceh's education, Bereh will have an extraordinary impact on improving the quality of the Teachers in North Aceh District.

What counts now is that there is quality access to education by following assistance in Era 4.0 with a variety of applications for the convenience of teachers who continue to be counted for education in Aceh. In general, and especially in northern Aceh, it really had an impact on education in Aceh Province,Indonesia Bereh.

With the hope that in the future there will be ongoing assistance so that teachers are able to distribute whatever knowledge is needed by students in high school (high school / equivalent) until students can compete both at the national and international levels.

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