Stone Jumping


In ancient times villages in the Nias Islands, North Sumatra, Indonesia, did many wars, because they often fought between villages with one another. Many villages have high stone fences to defend their villages.

This is why Nias soldiers who can go to war are required to practice jumping stones, which are generally high over 2 meters.

For the young men of Nias who will join the war, their requirements must be able to jump over this 2 meter high stone wall to make it easier to attack enemy villages and be able to jump over it immediately

The traditional villages in Nias on average have a stone tower used for this jump training facility, because in the past it was used for military training for Nias soldiers and youth.

In addition, the tradition of stone jumping is currently carried out by a young Nias man to show that he deserves to be considered mature and physically mature. By carrying out this tradition, they will be recognized as brave men, fulfilling the requirements for marriage.

hombo batu.jpg

Because at this time traditional war has never happened again, this Hombo Batu is now continued as a culture. However, this tradition is still preserved until now, especially as a form of ritual ceremonies and cultural symbols of the people of Nias.

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