Before Ramadan, 100 Malang Residents Join Program Remove Tattoos

3년 전

Enthusiastic citizens of Malang to follow the free tattoo removal program held by Baitul Maal Hidayatullah (BMH) Malang in cooperation with the IMS (Islamic Medical Service) is quite high.

At the event held at Mall Dinoyo City May 8-9, 2018, as many as 100 residents of Malang participated in the activities of the first time held in this Malang.
"The public interest is very high, proven in Malang City which list up to exceed the quota of 600 people, whereas our kemampun in two days only 100 people," said Soni Abdul Kadir, Manager BMH Malang when met on the sidelines of the event Remove Tattoo, Tuesday (8/5) / 2018).
According to him, the main purpose of the event is to facilitate Muslims who intend to migrate to remove tattoos. "With this activity, we hope to form a solemn person in worshiping God," he said.
Soni further explained, before undergoing the process of tattoo removal, prospective participants must follow the selection of health tests. Because people who are indicated suffering from HIV AIDS and Hepatitis are not allowed to follow this program. "Prospective participants who indicated the two diseases should be eliminated, because it is feared contagious," said Soni.
"In addition to medical tests, they also have to memorize Al-Fatihah and three short letters in the Qur'an," he added.
In the future, it hopes to organize the event on an ongoing basis. Because the quota on the activity of tattoo removal with laser method this time only 50 people per day. "Quotas are limited due to limited time and tools, if the equipment is worn too long," he said.
Meanwhile, one of the participants tattoo removal program, July Kuswantoro (27) revealed, he deliberately follow this program because they want to become a better human being.
"I do not regret removing tattoos, in fact I want to remove the tattoo since three years ago but it is difficult to materialize because in Malang difficult to find a tattoo removal tool," said the man who works daily as a driver of this public transport.
He was happy because the program is free alias is free of charge. Although this time the tattoo on the back of July is not removed entirely due to time and tool limitations. "If you remove the tattoo in hospital costs Rp 40 thousand per centimeter," he said.
Associated with the pain felt during the process of removing the tattoo, July revealed if the pain is the same when he undergo the process pemasangn tattoos. "It hurts, but it is a risk, I dare to do to dare to feel the consequences," concluded July.

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