Indonesia- first Earthquake ,then Tsunami and now Volcano!

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Indonesia , a beautiful country of Islands situated in South East Asia, is batteling with 3 natural disasters.

According to Local Media , an earthquake of 7.5 Magnetude triggered Tsunami near Sulewasi island of the Country, killing arround 1300 people and displacing more than 60000 people.

One notable thing is that, after 2004 Tsunami of Banda Ache, A State of art Tsunami Early Warning system was established in Indonesia. However, the system fail to detect the threat.

According to Geological Experts, Landslide triggered by Earthquake could be a prime reason for occurance of Tsunami. This event went undetected by sensors and buoys.

On Wednesday, same Sulewasi island met with yet another natural disaster. Volcano erupted on mount Saputan. Authorities warned about possible lava flow And ash clouds.

Rescue Operations are going on at Sulewasi. International agencies including UN,International Medical Corps, Food for Hungry are supporting the relief work. There are still many people trapped in the Mud.

It is time for entire humanity to stand with Indonesia. How you and I can help? We will discuss it shortly

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