I Need Help.


See this below video. 

Where possible, kindly read the entirety of this post.

I Need Help

I need help, who will turn up. I won't forget. 

My projects are slow and all. I have three projects, 'my gifts to the world' and two of these three projects are attaining fruition (my three projects are ulogs.org, steemgigs.org and macrohard). 

And yes, i intend to reward each tear with a breakthrough token & emblem of human called 'the teardrops token'.

I am slow, i agree but this is also due to the fact that i need help. I am no longer that old Terry. I am broken now. I am function-less and energy-less. I am still your boy though and i need help.

I haven't slept in years. My body hasn't relaxed for years. I am broken now. 

I don't talk much. I can stay mute and hang. When i have managed to talk, it has been 'talking-dead'. I am talking now.

You may not understand these things sufficiently but at least listen to my undertone, for in it you will hear my wailing. 

I broke down to pop these very words.

My Mum Wailed Till Her Last Day.

 Her last day was Nov 24, 2017. After i haven't seen her for 5 years, i eventually saw her for 16 days and the 16th day was her very last. 

My dad wails each day, each minute. I am with him now (after 5 years of not seeing my dad, i eventually saw him, 'all sick'. I live with him now). I listen to his wailing. I helplessly wail for now as i have been unable to be son enough. I listened to my mum wail, my entire life. On her last day, i just stood there watching. I wasn't terry.

I am haunted by these voices. I am drained. I am weak. I am sick.

In the second video, my mum returned home for a short period, after recovering from a 2-weeks period of 'can't move-talk-walk in the hospital shown in the first video, thinking she was Leukamia-free; and see how much joy they (my parents) could still play out. 
Then, she started to grow weak again and with her small energy, she left him so abruptly, to be able to arrive in the Philippines to see her son (me), where we went on to spending her last 16 days together from hospital to hospital.

Please look closely, to see the state of my dad's legs here


Both videos above happened a month before mum passed away and see how much happiness my dad, who is very ill, could still manage within him, with her around. Days ago, we still wailed as a result of her and i understand how huge his own wailing was.

All along i was far away, faraway in the Philippines, '5 years away', looking to bring to them their 'first whisper of good news, good news courtesy of me, their only son, their first son'.

I wrote of my mum here.

My Dad Arrives In The Philippines

He can't see. He has dementia. He also has diabetes, with one leg having a serious open-wound that wouldn't heal and the other leg close-to-amputation. Then, his BP was usually in the range of 200-250. 

When he arrived, he couldn't walk well and he is a huge-charactered man who has kept his dreams. Plus, he was apprehensive of me, feeling endangered as i couldn't provide his wife (they were married for 35 years and she was the only one) and he felt, i would harm him, like he thinks i did my mum (his dementia). It was all so tough, it has stayed all tough, so tough and laden with so much wailing and drowning for two big men

I am big too!

It is all so much tougher now.

I am dead positive though; look at ulogs.org, the teardrops tokens, steemgigs.org and macrohard. Look at surpassing google. Look at un(dis)talented. Have you looked? Look again! These very things aren't ordinary, for there has been stories and histories of 'intensest suffering' involved.

My dad doesn't sleep. He wails. I listen. 

Listen to his wailing too (below). He thunderously wails, 'in loops'. Listen:

I am done just listening. It kills. I want to really help my dad. It is critical now. But i still need a bit of patience, so that i too, don't totter completely. The anxiety alone each day from fending the 50 USD required for his daily maintenance meds drains me.

Besides, rarely ask help. I push and push and push till i break instead but this time i will ask help. I am not the same old terry now, for my body is broken, my physical elements are weak. My eyes can't look left or right because its very atoms are tired. I am tired. I am sick. I manage to talk and share a laugh but there is 'talking dead'.

I poop once a week and with grind and strain because not a pore on my body knows how to relax. My brain has lost its control, captured in excruciating pain. It has forgotten its reflexes. My breathing is two gasps for one gulp.

I am not just asking help (that you hand-to-mouth me), i am asking help to kick-start something, something that already has a framework; something that already has its entire model set; something that can surpass google; something that can give aid to generations yet unborn in ways unheard, something that can take light, right inside tunnels. 

This particular 'genre of help' is the help i seek. I am closest now; the models are set; there are dates now.

Help me share this emblem of me, so that others from around the globe can help me. Then, help me. I won't forget.

When the teardrops SMT arise, together we will join in rewarding each tear; happy, sad or un-fell.

My projects are for the entire world; my gift to the surface of the Earth. There will be three of them, ulogs.org, steemgigs.org and macrohard, all under the umbrella of the teardrops tokens.

And in eventuality, an entire school called 'legit illiteracy', so that every(any)one can school.

The model and framework for each of my projects are set now, its the building that's left. 

I Need A Home For My Dad And Me And A Macrohard Hub.

In the short meantime, i need help to get a home, into which i can also setup a physical Macrohard, to gather the nations to 'code with swag'. 

Hahaha Macrohard aside, i need help to avail a 'house for rent'. In the next few days, i will need a sum of money to enable me rent a new house for me and my dad. Our rent contract has expired and my landlady has refused to extend the contract, needing us to move out. Currently, i don't have the means to raise these funds on my own, as a new house comes with a new contract and a large sum called a 'deposit'. I direly need these funds within the coming days and most especially before March 2019.

Funds raised will go towards this expense and any extra will be used to set up a physical Macrohard hub in the new house, which will help me long term in relation to bringing my projects to fruition as well as sustenance for my household.

In the long long term as my projects attain stability and begin to shine forth into the expanse of Mama Earth, my being can begin to find rest and my body can begin to discover healing.

See a preview of how beautiful Macrohard can become:

If you are a developer, venture capitalist, fan or programmer, i need your help too. Discuss with me, close your eyes with me and let's go on this journey of 'building', a building that is nearing its completion. I am reachable via email on comsilbronze4@gmail.com

I am tired now, i need your hand. And where you lend me your prayers, my amen is on default.

Your Boy Terry



Some Of My Information

My PayPal email: 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com' or 'you can click HERE to send me Paypal directly with a debit or credit card.  

My Email: 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com'

My bank account: Bank of the Philippines (BPI)/acct no: 9809131839/name: Terry Christian Ajayi/acct type: Savings  

I thank you, even just for reading this post as this post represents me, my stories and histories, my ulogacies. I thank you for supporting me overall. 

In every case, my "thank you" is hefty.
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Wow Terry.

I had to read every word and the stream of consciousness made it surreal.

You and I crossed paths maybe a year ago when I caught on to the global movement of the little people banding together to be the stars of our own blogs. I saw stories from around the world in places where my $.10 upvote (the bull days!) could actually make a small difference in someone’s life and a donation of a steem or 2 was even more.

I will admit I was shaken off the bus a little with the transition to the web page but I never stopped following or believing in the movement.

For all that you have done, asking for a tiny bit back to help some really important people close to you should be an easy ask.

I have a few projects I have to get to the bottom of and I will check out the current state of @surpassinggoogle and the #ulog rally cry again.

Sending a couple steem to help out and look forward to the rejuvenated and energized Terry soon.

Be well and powerful man.

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Thank you alot for following the journey. it never stopped. 'to the website' was needed as it is that that can relate the vision and there is its own token involved that will be integrated into the website. the building of it has been slow but its model is set. work has been undergoing but very slowly. the other at hand is steemgigs.org, it started on #steemgigs 2 years ago, you will understand how slowly its building has been happening. it is closest to fruition now than ever but my body and all is already broken. I never stop cos my being doesn't and if don't take care my body may get lost cos it has reached its limits. I havent slept for years. my body has a lost all those human reflexes and ability. I am just doing one last-type push to ask for help in this one. that this is read is valuable. it is help already cos this is me inside my words. thank you for reading. also for wanting to help me. I wont forget.



As I'm reading this I'm thinking "isn't this that @surpassinggoogle guy who's always giving, and now he needs help? That's always the story though, those of us who nurture others rarely have time to look after ourselves.

In short, who helps the helpers?

Yes, I read all of it and wish I could do much more than my tiny upvote, but I can vote for steemgigs as witness. I hope you find some peace and rest during these trials. Stay strong, look after yourself, and don't ever give up! :)

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No worries. It is all help. Even if this post is just read or the video seen, it is sufficient. Thank you very much for your love towards me and the witness vote.

Those things you mentioned, there is an underlying curriculum building to adjust that. https://ulogs.org and https://steemgigs.org

Hi Terry!

All i can give is my little upvote because i am faceing also difficulties in my life now.
Just keep focus on the solution and you will reach your goal.

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Yes bro, that is amazing enough. There are dates now. The difficulties will pass and this is the year.

@surpassinggoogle, No words for your pain brother. Blessings of light with you and wish that soon bright days will going come into your life. Stay blessed brother.

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Thank you so much brother. And have a blessed time ahead.

Really hurting story , feel the pain


Thank you for empathy. Stay awesome.

What's your condition? Maybe I've missed it, I've heard tons on symptoms. Have you been checked by a professional?

BTW everyone's nerves are on 24/7.


I have but only to an extent. Doctors here feel nothing is wrong with me when i relay my issues plus, there are other factors. There has been no time or space or the means to do so to a greater extent. Alot happened in the year before and in the year before this one, with my dad relocating to be with me after my mum passed and him having terminal illness and daily expenses and trauma related to his condition. My major symptom is extreme pains 247, inability to sleep and inability to function normally especially in relation to normal human reflexes cos my brain can't control my nerves. I haven't had real sleep in years and to extreme extents. Regular meds don't tend to that. In general, my dad is my key concern. As for everyone's nerves being on, i don't disagree but there is context to how i have relayed those words. Thank seeing the video and going through. That in itself is help. It contains my ulogacy and i want that to be seen as well


cos my brain can't control my nerves.

Where are you getting this from? Could you elaborate what that mean?

Let me help you through prayer

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Yes, help me through prayer. My amen is on default

I pray for you that you will come out of this soonest. Your tears shall create value.


In Jesus' name amen.

My God, I will be praying for you and your family so that God can do a miracle! Only God can do the impossible, have a lot of faith. God bless you!


I say amen. I certainly have faith. my type of case, only him can solve. Thank you alot

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I just voted for your witness. I wish you luck man!

If i have a lot i would be willing to help you sir terry , but i don't have so much these days I am broke due to some priorities and have some debt too.. :( hope my simple resteem for more exposure would help. Hold on Sir Terry, sending you my prayers.