Police Accountability Efforts Seek Feedback From Public

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From Indiana to Connecticut, law enforcement accountability efforts are seeking new feedback from the public about how to move forward.
They have been holding meetings with members of the public and having open discussions about what suggestions might help to repair some of the damage that has been caused over the years.

How can security services do better to serve our communities?
Having these services be paid for voluntarily, rather than through a system of coercion, would be the first idea to try, but that's unlikely to happen in the near future.
Those coming together to form these new task force groups for change and accountability, include police chiefs, non-profits, "community leaders", and others.

They've also given out anonymous surveys to hundreds in the community as well, so that they can report how they feel about the situation in a private manner.
What good is community feedback when there is a Constitution which clearly spells out the restrictions that should be placed on law enforcement, against the freedoms that people have a right to exercise.
Those restrictions have arguably been ignored for decades and we have witnessed the erosion of individual liberty for millions across the country, which has been broadly supported by government representatives too from both major parties.
Innocent people have been filing complaints, filing lawsuits, protesting, and giving their 'feedback' for decades now. They have been victimized unjustly for years and still the enforcers insist they want more 'feedback' about what they're doing wrong.

To turn the reputation around for this job and industry, they could try building trust by refusing to foster a culture that protects abusers and encourages mistreatment of innocent people. Stop arresting people over victimless crimes and stop engaging in theft of private property from innocent people, respect their right to due process and being innocent until proven guilty. You would assume that these were basics in the United States but they aren't.

As these community feedback efforts are ongoing, various regions continue to pass their own police accountability legislation changes, one after the other.

Will more oversight do the trick?
What happens when that oversight committee becomes corrupted or proves to be useless, then it's just back to the drawing board for more 'feedback' from the community again on how to do their jobs.

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Hope they will successfully solve long problem our society