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Do you think your smartphone has slowed down over time? Thinking that when buying a new phone it would have worked better and was much faster. But how is its efficiency gradually decreasing? If such questions bother you, then you need to think more. Because the simplest way you can increase the speed of the phone.

First, restart your phone - before you take any other action on your phone, shut down or try restarting your phone.

Malfunctioning software updates are one of the biggest reasons behind a smartphone slowdown. The manufacturer of your phone regularly gives you OTA updates. You can upgrade your phone system with OTA updates.

Delete old photos, apps, and everything else you don't need - even if your phone is slow, delete the files you don't need. It's normal to forget to delete old pictures and music files, but this is an important step to get your phone back on track.

Clear App Cache Your phone sometimes stores pictures and pieces of information associated with an app so you don't have to download it repeatedly when you open that app.

Be careful about the applications that use the processing power more often, your phone may see strange bugs or issues from various applications. It is difficult to say exactly what caused the application. If this seems to be happening on your device, you can try the Watchdog Task Manager app. This app helps you monitor the amount of computer power and resources your app uses.

Turn off animation Stop using animation to speed up your Android phone.

Disable background data Using background data can be one of the reasons your phone is slow. Limiting or discontinuing your use will not only speed up your phone, it can help you reduce your data usage every month. You can see which apps use background data by going to Settings from Data Usage.

If all else fails, try a factory reset If your phone becomes unbearably slow, try a factory reset. This will erase all your data, applications, photos, music so keep everything backed up. A factory reset will basically take your phone into the state at which it was purchased. To do this, go to Settings> Backup reset> Factory reset.

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