Boston Police Reforms Recently Unveiled

3개월 전

The Boston Police Reform Task Force has just recently unveiled their suggestions for changes to be made to the policing industry in the region. Their recommendations include asking for the creation of a new independent office for police accountability and transparency, as well as recommendations to formalize and expand diversity and inclusion within the force.

Calling for an expansion of the body camera program.
They want more body cameras in use for officers in the area when on duty and they want the new oversight office to replace the existing oversight panel. This is just the beginning of the suggested changes. And there is expected to be a great deal of pushback from police officials and unions etc to making any of those changes.
“These initial recommendations will guide how we reform Boston’s police force, and strengthen our commitment to community policing..." Boston Mayor M. Walsh

As of right now these are only policy suggestions and they aren't making any meaningful changes anytime soon, not in the way of trying to drastically overhaul policing efforts in the community.
There is no need to fear any rise in crime because officers might be taken off the streets, no such efforts are being put forth to achieve that goal. Security services in communities around the country will always be needed. That doesn't mean they might not have corruption issues or me wasteful with their resources, lack oversight etc. Problems still need to be addressed.

There are drastic efforts being made to try and remove some funding, reallocate resources to more meaningful priorities, and address a lack of accountability with protective legislation in place that covers up abusers in the system. More needs to be done, in addressing corruption and abuse with departments around the country, not just in Boston, this is just the beginning.


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