Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 12 entry - Water For Everybody

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I think the worlds water problems could be solved by a process called desalination. That is taking ocean water or salt water and running it through a process which strips the salt out of the water turning it into fresh water. As of now the process is not very energy efficient, but I believe that can and will change in the near future. With 1% of the worlds population depending on desalinated water for daily needs, it is only a mater of time before more energy efficient means are attained. Ground water and clean rivers are the way to go right now but these sources are not always available to all parts of the planet. And desalinated water is actually healthier than most fresh water sources by containing less salt and limescale in it.

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As of 2015 18,426 desalination plants operated worldwide, providing over 300 million people with fresh clean water. If we can keep things progressing to allow more and more desalination plants where they are needed and that are ever more energy efficient we could ultimately one day have fresh water for everyone on this planet.

(Graphics sourced from google, picture taken by me)

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I've heard of desalination before and also that it's not quite efficient enough yet, but wow I never knew so many people were living off of it already, those are some fascinating statistics, and yeah.. I think if we can find a way to make that kind of technology a lot more efficient, then in the future maybe we could mostly solve the water problem we face!

However we do still have a growing population, so.. Eventually I think we need to try to find a balance and not overpopulate the planet, I personally don't think we are there yet and the planet can hold much more if things were done better, but.. In time if our population keeps exploding like it is, that could be a major problem.. Though I like your idea! I definitely think much more attention needs to be put on this kind of technology and it could save many many lives into the future! Great entry grizzman!! :)


It seems like computers and cell phones get faster and more powerful every year. I know we can put that growing technology to major, more useful uses such as clean water for everyone. Yes there needs to be a balance, I totally agree, but we need to do all that we possibly can at the moment. Thanks for your response @apolymask

An excellent idea. science is really developing and the problem of thirst, one of the greatest troubles for our future, can be overcome.
thanks for the nice info :)
have a nice day


Thank you for your response @artizm

as an engineer i like your system.